14 comments on “The Key

  1. I’m impressed with what you’re doing. When I say I “fixed up” my Mustang, I bought her new floormats and took her to the car doctor, where she stayed for a week for cosmetic work that made her sleek and shiny again. Presented with the project you’re undertaking, I’d fold and give up. (Much like I did with the 1971 camper I tried to restore.) I commend you and I’m excited to see your progress!

    • Hi Rachel, the project is a lot bigger than I expected in respect if all the smaller fiddly bits that nobody sees at the end of the day. I genuinely enjoy doing what I do but can be frustrating at times. I have some friends at Mustang Maniac who help me out when I need advice. I did like the comment about the mats though, sometimes I wish mine was that simple. Do you still wish you had the camper van now though?

  2. Always wear goggles! You never know what little mishap might take place. Then you’d be in the house recuperating instead of tinkering in the man cave.

    • Hi ya Debbie,
      The stuff in my eyes did worry me as I was upside down wedged under a dash, it would have taken me a while to get to some water to rinse it out. The damage could be done, so glasses it was. I tend to wear them when grinding or drilling etc. I couldn’t cope with not being able to be in my man cave I must say.

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