Auto Finesse Glisten

Cost: £12.00

Date of Review: August 2019

A product purchased with my own money and an unbiased review.

The Sales Pitch from Auto Finesse:

Auto Finesse Glisten is an advance spray wax, which is perfect for those with little time or for treating hard to reach areas. A simple spray and wipe formula that is suitable for all paint finishes, including matte paint and wraps.


What You Get:

Product Description:

A simple spray on and wipe off product. This product strikes me as being a little  more than a quick detailer but not as good a proper wax wax application. Plenty of product for the money.



As the bottle says; ‘Ensure vehicle is clean and dry before application. Spray a light mist over approximately half a panel at a time, the spread with a fresh microfiber towel and buff off to a high-gloss shine’.

Easy enough to apply as the product is like water but has a purple/pink colour.

The spray trigger is absolutely rubbish, it sprayed the product in a semi circle at the top, hollow in the middle with no product and droplets at the bottom. This is known or common issue with the Auto Finesse triggers. I also find them too small for my big hands. The on off for the spray is a little lever you move to either side which does work well.

There is a very nice aroma from the product which makes it a pleasure to use.


A simple buff will bring the product up to a shine. However I did find that the product left an uneven application which can be seen in the right light. You either uave to buff again with a clean part of the cloth, or try and fine spritz the area again to try and spread it out a bit more.


If you can get an even application it’s fairly quick to apply and can give a glossy finish. The gloss is not a show winning finish by any means, but adequate for a regular weekend washer. Not good enough for the[k more discerning detailer.

The end result needs to be spread evenly to avoid the difference in finish of gloss.

The longevity seemed to be around the 5 to 8 weeks mark when the beading started to become erratic. The trigger drove me mad with the poor spray application of product.

I tend to try and use this up on places than need a shine or a little protection but not important for looks, like suspension parts, undercar, wheel arches etc. The watery consistency does allow it to get into tight spaces but it will run due to the viscosity.

Rating: 4 out 10

Ease of use – Can be a pain to obtain an even finish. The trigger is a problem for proper application.

Finish – Inconsistent, but with enough effort it can be an acceptable finish.


The product will apply a certain wax level of coating, but how even it is depends on the effort you put it. Perhaps I had dodgy spray, but it wouldn’t be the only time I have had a awful trigger from AF. There are other suppliers and products thst are spray on wipe off as this product that work much, much better with a lot less effort. The cost of the product is cheaper than others, but you may need to be prepared to to work at it to obtain the best results.

Not the best of experiences to use a wipe on wipe off spray wax product.

Would I recommend it? No, increase your budget a little bit and you will get much better product(s) elsewhere.

Would I buy it again? No.

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