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  • Waxes: Illusion Show Car Wax, Glisten, Mint Rims
  • Liquid Products: Aqua Coat, Avalanche, Caramics Glass, Crystal, Finale, Glide, Iron Out, Imperial Wheel Clean, Revive, Tripple, Vision.
  • Cloths & Applicator Pads: Handi Puck, Micro Tweed, Primo Push, Ultra Plush, Wax Mate.
  • Accessories: Clay bar, Crew Bag.

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Illusion Show Car Wax

Developed to bring a dripping wet finish to paintwork

2-3 month durability.

£75 for 150g tin


Advanced spray wax.

A simple spray and wipe formula.

Suitable for all paint finishes – including matte and satin finishes. 

£11.95 for 500ml bottle

Mint Rims Wheel Wax

Advanced spray wax.

A simple spray and wipe formula.

Suitable for all paint finishes – including matte and satin finishes. 

£19.95 for 100ml tin

Liquid Products:

Aqua Coat

Spray and rinse formula​.

Works on paint, glass & trim.

Durable for 2-3 months.

£16.95 for 1000ml bottle

Avalanche Snow Foam

A thick foam to cleanse paintwork of road contaminants.

Loosens dirt and road grime safely.

Wax friendly and suitable for regular use

£12.95 for 1000ml bottle

Caramics Glass Protection Kit

Up to 12 months protection

Ultra hydrophobic coating

Better vision in all weather conditions. 

£29.95 for 2 x 100ml bottles


Smear and residue free

Suitable for all glass, sensitive tints and polycarbonate / acrylic windows

£9.95 for 500ml bottle


Water based quick detailer with T1 grade Carnauba wax

Suitable on all surfaces, including paint, glass, hard plastic, and brightwork trim


£9.95 for 500ml bottle

Glide Clay Lube

Slip agents to enhance your clay bar performance.

Buffs out easily with a microfiber towel to leave contaminate free paintwork.

£7.95 for 500ml bottle

Iron Out

Removes brake dust and iron particles from your vehicle

Advanced PH neutral formula.

Suitable for paintwork, aluminium, anodised wheels and glass.

Contains degreasing agents to remove road grime.

£11.95 for 500ml bottle

Imperial Wheel Cleaner

Non-acidic wheel cleaner

Powerful cleaning agent to remove brake dust and road grime

Wheel sealant friendly.

£8.95 for 500ml bottle


Darkens and restores colour to exterior trims

Leaves a satin finish.

Water resistant

£7.95 for 250ml bottle


No dust formula, easy on easy off

Restores paint and removes oxidation

Contains diminishing abrasives

£12.95 for 500ml bottle


Removes stubborn stains from glass

The light abrasive removes fine scratches to restore clarity

Suitable for use on tints and chrome trims

£11.95 for 500ml bottle

Cloths & Applicator Pads:

Handi Puck Kit

The Handi Puck Kit features everything you need to apply the majority of our finishing products

Ideal for applying anything from wax to tyre dressing, to polishing the more intricate areas of the car


Micro Tweed

Tweed microfibre towels have been designed with a unique weave to prevent residue from clogging while wiping, to reduce the risk of marring paintwork.

400mm x 400mm


Primo Plush

Primo Plush cloth has a deep fluffy pile both sides, with black micro-suede edging for scratch-less detailing, perfect for quick detailing tasks, dusting down and even soaking up water

400mm x 600mm 600GSM


Ultra Plush

Ultra plush microfibre cloths are 800 GSM and perfect for use with our detailing sprays, and spray waxes, also residue left by our signature waxes

400mm x 400mm 800GSM


Waxmate XL

Waxmate XL has been specially engineered to fit the exact diameter of our new 150g wax tins, meaning a simple quarter twist covers the whole face and ensures you get a better, more even coverage when using our hard waxes

85mm diameter | 40mm thick



Clay Bar

Removes organic and inorganic contaminates from paintwork safely

Does not mark paintwork

£14.95 for 200g bar

Crew Bag

The Auto Finesse® Crew detailing bag is the perfect carrier for all those wonderful products

Designed with strong heavy duty shoulder and hand straps (with padding) to make it easier to lug around if required.


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