Auto Finesse Vision Glass Polish

Cost: £12 – 500ml

Date of Review: 27th March 2019

The Sales Pitch from Auto Finesse:

An advanced polish for removing stubborn stains from glass. Safe for use on tinted windows and chrome.


What You Get:

A plastic bottle with a flip top lid which enables you to squeeze the product onto the applicator of choice.

Product Description:

A slightly deeper (harder working) clean than the normal spray on cleaners or quick detailers. This product is also used in the Ceramics Glass Kit to prep the glass for the coating, but in a much smaller bottle.



Apply two pea size drops to a microfiber applicator. Work in to the surface using medium-light pressure. Buff clear with a fresh, short pile microfiber towel. Avoid contact with plastic and rubber components.

Rather than the foam pad applicator I prefer to use the lint free paper towels with a couple of drops on it.

When applying this product it’s quite a fairly quick evaporation which can just be seen on the glass here.

Medium pressure is used to apply the product as it has to be worked onto the glass to remove stubborn marks. If you use this in the sun it is unworkable as drying to quickly, so it’s best to use in the shade and cool to the touch glass. This product will leave a stain on any rubber so it’s best to work carefully up to these materials. The product mark will come off, but takes a bit of effort to remove fully.


I had previously cleaned the glass with normal spray products, which on inspection looked pretty clean, but after using this product I got a little more grime of the glass.


Recommend a clean microfiber cloth for the final buff to a shine. Little effort is required to get great results.


Very good overall. The effort you put in is worth it if you have marks on the window that the normal cleaners don’t touch. It leaves a nice and clear, smear free, glossy, wet surface look finish. There was a couple of black marks from who knows where which is still on the glass and will need a little scalpel blade to carefully remove before the polish again.

The glass seems to move to another level after this product and I was pleased with the result. Getting a little on the chrome didn’t hurt and again just buffed off.

There is no removing as such as the product if buffed to a shine at the same time as the cleaning. You can get away with a single cloth, just make sure you have a clean fresh section for the final buff.

Rating:  9 out 10

The product works very well, it’s very reasonably priced and economical to use, it doesn’t streak and smells pleasant. So I  have to give this product almost all the full marks. I do try to find fault and the only things I could think of was the rubber marking, and a couple of very small black marks which it didn’t remove, when I think of it, neither has any other glass cleaner to date either. You just can’t slap this product around the whole glass or you will spend time cleaning the rubber as well. You need to take a little care and will need more buffing than a spray cleaner, but you would expect that from a polish.

Ease of use – 10 rub on and it will buff to a shine.

Finish – 10 a very nice clean and wet looking glass.


A very good product that needs a little care to keep it on the glass and off the rubber. The effort you put into cleaning the glass is worth it and does leave a slick shiny finish. It’s a little more hassle than a food quality glass cleaner spray that doesn’t leave streaks, but if you spend time trying to remove streaks from a not so good glass cleaner spray – dump that spray and use this instead. It takes about half the time again as a spray cleaner to apply and buff clean which is well worth it. But, it’s not as convenient as a spray. Use this to get a good basis, then the spray to keep it topped up clean.

This doesn’t just get used on the car, glass cooker hood, flower vase or for cleaning kitchen windows with splash marks too in the home.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Not something you would use all the time though but a good product to have.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

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