Brake Booster (Part 3 – re-fitting)


The spraying had taken place in Part 2 or click here for the quick link. All I need now was for the booster to be re-fitted back into the engine bay. To make it easier I removed the hood as it needs to have some de-rusting treatment on it. I will cover this at a later date.

Procedure for refitting the Booster:

The Booster is in two main parts, the cylinder itself and the reservoir. The cylinder needs to be fitted first without the reservoir as it make it lighter and easier to locate into place. I put the booster in place and only screwed one nut at the rear on top in order to stop it falling out and give me movement. You can see this on the top left of the picture where I am inserting the bar and applying the pin to secure it in place with the long nose pliers. I have ringed the important pin with red. Failure to apply this pin could make the bar work loose and maybe make the brakes fail.

Procedure for Reservoir:

Really quite simple this part. There are two bolts on the front of the Booster to hold the reservoir in place. I added it to the booster and tightened it up with the two sprung washers and the nuts. The final part was to add the steel brake pipe to the splitter. All in all this took around thirty minutes taking my time.


The parts look great in their place. I am well pleased with how they came out. It was time well spent doing the spray job properly.

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