Classic Mustang Restoration, Repair & Upgrades

Classic Mustang Restoration, Repair & Upgrades – 1965 to 1973 models.

Published By HP Books £15 – £20

From the Editors of Mustang Monthly

Classic Mustang
Classic Mustang Restoration, Repair & Upgrades. 1965 -1973


Well the manual is paper back and just short of A4 in height. It contains 218 pages with plenty of high quality photos and they are all in black and white. The paper is of a good quality. There are 5 chapters broken down into smaller sub sections. They are as follows, 1) Engine and Drivetrain, 2) Suspenssion and Chassis, 3) Bodywork, 4) Electrical, 5) Interior.


This manual is one of my favorites, the photographs are crisp and all in black and white. There are some nice notes under the step by step guides, such as removing the window winder mechanism and occasional support from an exploded diagram. It works a treat. The’re is particular section that I will use and it’s on how to align a hood and fenders. Handy for me as mine are currently off at the moment being treated on the underside. The pitch of the explanations are clear and not full of jargon. The manual features some projects such as installing a roof console, refitting rear glass work, or installing front fog lights. I wish I had this manual when was rewiring my car as there is project on how to fit a single wire alternator upgrade that is not too common over here in the UK.


I have said it before, I want more, more more! If this manual were twice as thick I would want more. The quality is such that if it were twice as big I would pay twice as much.


It’s compiled from the great guys at Mustang Monthly. Their website is great and very informative, their magazine is worth it as well, but it’s not very thick publication. A lot of the stuff in this manual is on their website, but it’s not always easy to look at a pc or laptop with dirty hands. So a manual like this would be better in those circumstances. All Mustang Monthly articles are written in a way that fills you with confidence and the spark in your mind that “I can do that”.


If you have one of the classic cars then really should have this manual. Yes it covers engine rebuilds maybe not as intricately as Haynes Workshop books, but it will get you through. Again not an original restoration manual but it’s offers the hybrid of the restoration. The interior projects and body alignment make the purchase worth while. If the manual had a little more in it I reckon this would have good a perfect 10. For what it is perhaps they could of made a project manual and then a traditional manual. Both would get a top score, in short it’s good value for money. Worth the purchase for the information and the reasonable price tag.

Rating – 9 / 10

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