Cowl Cover Comparisons

Cowl covers come in a couple of options, one is the hard plastic style, the other is the removable magnetic covers.

Semi Permanent Cowl Covers

With the semi permanent covers they are screwed into place, the plastic distorts, discolours and cracks. You will also notice some condensation on the inside of the cover which if left unchecked will eventually pool water in the cowl itself and it will leak. If the car is storage over the winter the hard plastic will not allow the car to breath, this could result in damp or mould in the car potentially ruining the interior and carpets.

The old style cowl covers look fine for a year or two, shortly after that you can get the following examples:

With the later cars like the ’67 to ’68 or the ’69 to ’70 they don’t even make a semi permanent cover for the cowl.

Magnetic Cowl Covers

My solution is a removable cover that can be stored in the car, usually on the inside of the rear quarter. These cheaper options are less than half the price of the semi permanent options. The car maintains its good looks on fine days or at shows, if you get caught by rain it will be fitted within seconds to prevent rain getting in.

The cowl covers come in 4d black carbon effect or in gloss white for all years ’64 – ’70 all models. These covers feature bespoke wiper cut outs for the particular years. These cut outs will allow for a proper seal overlap of the grill. Other suppliers on the net only fit on the grill itself.

Here is a selection of the Magnetic cowl covers from various cars, you can even add your own decals or buy the the plain gloss white and apply a vinyl wrap if you want to.

The other main advantage is that you can allow as much or as little air into the car during storage by half laying over the grill if you need to.

The back of the covers are a strong ‘motorway grade’ smooth material at .85mm thickness. Other suppliers use thinner materials. These covers will lay flat on the panels and form a great protective barrier from the rain.

You can buy these cowl covers from these links:

Magnetic Cowl Covers ’64 – ’66

Magnetic Cowl Covers ’67 – ’68

Magnetic Cowl Covers ’69 – ’70

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