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CCS (Collapsed Cell Structure) pads were developed after more than two years of development with automakers and polishing companies (specifically Menzerna of Germany). The result of this development was the patented ‘Collapsed Cell Structure’ technology. The basis of this technology is a pattern of strategically placed pockets on the surface of the pad. In these areas the cells of the pad have been closed. As a result polish does not soak into the pad like conventional pads, meaning the polish is able to work for longer.

This therefore helps solve the problem of premature “drying”. Conventional foam pads absorb water-based formulas, instantly. This reduces polish and pad performance because most of the polish is trapped below the working surface of the pad. CCS technology™ solves this problem with partially closed foam cells, which slow the absorption of liquid, keeping it on the working surface.

This not only extends the workability of water and solvent-based polishes, levellers and compounds, it reduces product usage, saves time and makes the polishing process a lot easier.

The pockets also reduce skipping due to less surface tension and heat build-up as a smaller contact area is given to the surface of the paint.

OEM tests confirm CCS pads out-perform convoluted pad designs.



Use this pad to apply compounds or polishes to remove severe oxidation, swirls, and scratches in conjunction with a polishing compound. It is the most aggressive and should only be used on oxidized and older finishes. Always follow this pad with an orange pad and a fine polish and then a white pad to refine the paint until it is smooth.


The Lake Country Orange 5 inch (140mm), CCS Light Cutting Pad is a firm, high density foam is ideal for scratch and defect removal. The orange foam offers the correction of a typical compounding pad whilst at the same time allowing the polishing ability of light cut foam pad. When used with heavier compounds it will remove moderate swirls and scratches with little or no haze. It’s an all-around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.


The Lake Country – Pink, 5 inch (140mm), CCS Polishing Pad offers a mild polishing power yet leaves the surface with a high gloss finish. It is excellent on German finishes including the new scratch-resistant clear coats. The Lake Country Pink CCS Heavy Polishing Pad produces less spot heating and has a unique compression/load/deflection ratio which means it conforms quickly to contours. It is a high strength foam with 60 pores per sq. inch yet is softer and more forgiving than our regular foams which have 80 pores per sq. inch.


The Lake Country – White, 5 inch (140mm), CCS Polishing Pad is the most often used pad. This pad has a mild cutting (cleaning) action and should be used to apply light compounds, swirl removing polishes and finishing polishes.


This pad is a medium density foam designed to be used in connection with a light cutting or polishing compound to remove light swirls, scratches, and other defects.


The Lake Country – Black, 5.5 inch (140mm), CCS Finessing Pads composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. This pad has virtually no cut and therefore is perfect for applying very fine finishing polishes, light paintwork cleaners and glazes.


The Lake Country – CCS 5.5″ Inch (140mm) Blue Finishing Pad has a ultra-soft composition for applying glaze, finishing polish, sealants, and liquid waxes. Flat pad provides full contact with paint surface to minimize the pressure applied by the user.


this Pad is for Wax/Sealant Applicator Pads are ultra-soft foam applicator pads that are perfect for applying waxes and sealants.

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