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Welcome to Mitchell & King, a company renowned for customer satisfaction and excellent products. My name is John and when I began crafting of our car waxes, I had many visions for the company. Firstly, as an enthusiast, I understood the quality of the product had to be exceptional.

I was inspired by companies such as Bang & Olufsen, Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce- companies who exemplified the type of service I wanted to offer my customers (you).

As a Child I wrote a letter to Bentley, advising them that I would love to purchase one of their vehicles once I have passed my test…that Christmas I had a card which was signed by the members of the Bentley factory. Truth be told my first car was a Citreon Saxo and it was the start of my detailing journey, over 14 years ago.

Through the years I had many other dealings with vehicles, whether Art projects in School or our first Client, Beverly Hills Porsche. I have always mixed the creative with the technical, and the Citreon was the car which carried me through my Mechanical Engineering degree.

Mitchell & King sits with over 700 reviews, the vast majority of which are 5 stars and the lowest a 4 star. I genuinely feel Mitchell & King is one of the highest achieving car wax companies in the world and has become well known in the industry for the exemplary products.

Our blends are carefully considered, highly refined, often organic and pharmaceutical grade without the use of harsh chemicals. All of which makes the waxes, the finest quality available.

Some of our achievements include; being chosen to protect the most expensive car in the world, utilised by Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maserati Edinburgh.

We have designed waxes for cars such as one of the Casino Royale Aston Martin’s, for car collectors such as Manny Koshbin for events such as GoldRush Rally, Pebble Beach.

Mitchell and King ownership whips you into a world of luxury and gives you unlimited access to nearly 1 and a half decades of detailing knowledge. John, can assist in most areas of detailing and what he doesn’t know about detailing, one of our Mitchell and King approved ambassadors will!

We are here to support you on your next step and I’d love to assist you with your newest purchase. 01877 365 005

Thank you,

John R. P. Johnstone B.Eng(HONS) Managing Director



Heavy Cut Deep Scratches and heavy swirls


Heavy/Medium cut Deep Scratches heavy swirls. Etching, Bird Lime, Acid Rain


Medium Cut Wash marring medium swirls, wash marring light swirls, gloss increase


Light Finishing wash marring light swirls


Finishing Jewelling

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