DoDo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner


£11 approx for 250ml of concentrate refill which makes up makes one litre

£9 approx for 500ml (with spray)

£5 approx for 100ml (with spray)



Without a doubt driving to any car show I can guarantee that he windscreen will get the remains of a dead bug that has flown into it. There are numerous versions of glass cleaner on the net, household and automotive. They all do the similar job but on a car streak free is the key. You are staring out of the front window virtually all the time so a clean window is a safety requirement. Also a freshly cleaned car never looks good if the windows are spotted or have streaks on them.

The Sales Pitch:

Glass cleaning sprays are typically either based on vinegar and water, or alcohol and water. Dodo Juice found alcohol-based recipes tended to smear less and are easier to use – so that’s what they made. The result is Clearly Menthol – a minty mouthwash coloured glass spray that cleans glass and leaves a sparkling, residue-free finish. Can be used over durable glass sealants.


This concentrate contains inhibitors to prevent the limescale precipitating out – so you don’t need DI or filtered water… just tap water. Once you have diluted the mixture this is so simple to use. The mixture goes a long way and should last a fair while.

Spray on and wipe off. The formula does not dry straight away and if you squirt too much it will run down the glass obviously.  Use a waffle style glass cleaner cloth to clean and another to buff to a nice brilliant shine. Rather than take the full sized bottle around with you and only use a little at a time. So i take around my 100ml spray and use that, it will see me through a couple of car shows inside and out. Thats about ten refils from this concentrate, superb value for money.



The amount of rubbish that this stuff removes is pretty impressive. The mixture has a nice smell, but you can still smell the alcohol present in the mixture, so be aware of the vapours. The mix is also safe on waxed cars apparently, so if you get over spray it won’t strip the lovingly applied layers of wax that took you hours to get on your paint. The glass cleaner removed so much grime on my test that the cloth was black on one side! Just turn it over and redo the application if it’s that bad, and then it’s super clean streak free glass. Once cleaned the buffing to a shine process is very easy. It is also becomes very clear (sorry for the pun) if you miss any bits too! The fogging seems to clear up quicker too, not sure if that is just my imagination or not, but it definitely cleared quicker than before.

Score: 10 out of 10

Again I struggled to find any faults with it so it gets a top score. This isn’t just my opinion either, there are plenty of top scores on the net for this product too.


One of the best so far. Better than the household versions of this style of products.

The concentrate is half the size of the large 500ml spray version. The amount you will use at a time I tend to keep topping up a 100ml sample size spray to carry in my car show detailing bag. The bigger full mixed up bottle I just keep at home and use around the house too.

I used to love Autoglym Fast Glass, but that could take a couple of attempts for real stubborn marks and could leave a streak now and again. But it was good, this is formula is just in another league of its own.

Would I buy it again? Yes – definitely

Would I recommend it? Yes

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