Faithfull Heavy Duty Scratch Brush

Faithfull Heavy Duty 4 Row Scratch Brush


Approx £3.50


When you have an old car there are things that are mandatory in the tool box, a wire brush is one of them things. My old one had gone to the great scrapyard in the sky and the bristle were all bent over and was looking a bit tired for itself. So I needed a new one and this was the purchase. I don’t do reviews on something as trivial as this but this needed a review!



According to the website for Faithfull this is what they say:

“This heavy-duty scratch brush is aimed at the professional user and is capable of extended use in difficult environments.”
“Wire gauge is 28, hardened and tempered.”

Bog standard wooden handle that feels OK, The wires look meaningful and its a four row brush. Why they call it a scratch brush and not a wire brush I am not sure but it’s what it is.

The first time I used this brush a clump of the wires came out and I had a bald patch in the middle. OK that can happen and thought no more of it. The second time I used the brush it started shedding wires like a dog sheds hairs in the summer. Whats the point of having heat-treated this or that if the wires fall out when you use it. You can see from the pictures the brush has had very little use.




Rating:   1 out 10

AVOID like the plague. Congratulations Faithfull you have the worse score ever. I should have taken it back under the Sale Of Goods Act as it’s not fit for purpose, the trouble is it would cost me more in fuel to replace it than it would to buy an alternative quality make.

Utter garbage.

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