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Show Strap is a new and unique product to the classic car scene. The main purpose is to help prevent damage to any make or model of car that’s on show. The Show Strap is attached to as many anchor points as you need and adjust taught. So any unexpected gusts of wind or unexpected openings will be stopped. This can be for the hood, doors, trunk, roof etc. on the cars.

We have also heard that the Show Straps have been used for other scenarios; make shift dog slip lead and a horse lead for our four meter option. It can be used to secure, items on tables, replace broken guy ropes on tents, to hold gates open, secure items in the boot, held a rolled up mattress to take to the tip, secure items in a shed etc. the list just goes on.

Show Strap manages to do this by using a simple D rings fastening design and various style clips for your car’s particular fastening or anchorage points. The best ideas are always the simplest.

The current range of 20mm width light weight Show Straps are made from n incredibly strong polypropylene webbing that comes in an assortment of ten colours as per below left to right; white, black, green, burgundy, red, yellow, navy, grey/silver, blue and pink.

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The straps are thus infinitely adjustable to any size and can be customised for specific lengths with the option to add text you want to promote or simply have your own bespoke name.

There is an option to pick your own clip with the order or buy additional clips to make the strap exactly as you want it. You don’t have to use the clips if you just need to loop round something. There is also a strong rubber tidy loop that will hold any excess strap from moving around, keeping it all neat and tidy. Click here for details.

The cost is amazingly cheap, almost costs as much to P&P the product out!

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Tel: 07488 309912


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