My wife & the car

Quite simply this is a personal adventure where I, as a keen amateur and a self-confessed petrol head, will try to get a 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe v8 289 back on the road here in the UK.

I have had the car since September 2011 and I have learned many things since then. Some good, some bad and many in theory. I plan on sharing my trial and tribulations here with you all. The good, the bad and the damn frustrating.

Patience is a virtue so I am constantly told, but in my case – it’s a hindrance. I want my car on the road and I want it there now!

My head tells me it won’t happen, my heart tells me it’s got to. It’s a juggling act, time for me to do the things that need doing, money to allow me to do things I need to and the wish list that just gets bigger and bigger.

My main love of my life is my wife; if it wasn’t for her then none of this would be happening. She bought the car for me as a hobby,  I have always talked about that great day when I drove a 1966 convertible Mustang around 25 years ago. I had never forgotten the sound, the feel- the way it made me feel.

So here it is: Darling, a massive Thank You, I love you more than the car (just!); perhaps I don’t always show it but it’s true. Technically though, you’re now a member of an exclusive club – The Mustang Widows Club!

10 Responses to My wife & the car

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  3. beachy117 says:

    Yep, I’m in that club too! (Mustang Widows) lol!


  4. dnuessle says:

    Hey! Your site looks great. New to wordpress, but not new to Mustangs. Keep the passion and great success on the restore.


  5. Big Sis says:

    Bro…Have only just learnt about this website of yours..looks Boss…promise to come and see you in action…Big Sis xxx


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