Steering & Suspension Diagrams

These are a few of the diagrams I have used for reference on the suspension and steering linkages.

The diagrams are from the steering wheel, steering column and down to the suspension link up and steering linkages. The powered steering ram is shown on the more complex diagram at the bottom. There are the 6 and v8 versions of the diagrams here.











  v8 full exploded diagramv8steering

 6 cylinder full exploded diagramFullSteeringExp


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22 thoughts on “Steering & Suspension Diagrams

  1. Hi. These are great diagrams. I am sorting out the steering on a 1964.5 V8 with factory fitted power steering. The clamp bolts on the track rod adjusters are all in the bottom horizontal position. In one of the diagrams it suggests that this is not correct for the left hand side of the car. The diagram shows one of the clamps at 45*.Is that the inner or outer clamp. Thanks for the help.

    1. Hi Geoff. Great question. I have seen these clamps in all sorts of positions to be honest. My theory is that the diagram shows the fitting to best effect. I have seen these clamps in all sorts of positions even from factory fresh untouched cars, both inner and outer.

  2. Excellent work sir!

    Do you happen to have torque specifications for the front end suspension on the 69? I have ordered new upper and lower control arms, linkages etc and want to install them at proper spec. The kit is made to factory spec but does not include instructions.

    Kind regards,



    1. Hi, I don’t have any torque settings for the cars. I think the only way to get them is to get a workshop manual of some sort. Sorry I can’t help more than that.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey you are doing great work. Thank you, very useful information for all of us! I read that you are missing some manuals. Maybe I can help out. Send me an email if you are interested. Best regards

  4. Do you have a good diagram of how a factory steering column mates to a factory non-power steering box on a 66 Mustang? I have a non-functioning, non-factory setup and I need to get back to original.

    1. The column slides over the steering shaft and fits onto the steering box. You may need a new column, because most after market kits have you cut about 4 inches off the bottom to make room for a rag joint. Just a thought.

  5. Your first image here – 3-25 comet-fairlane with power steering. From what shop manual did you pull that (what years does that include)? Thanks!

    1. Hi, i dont own all the manuals myself unfortunately. All the diagrams I found on forums, articles and a lot mouse cl8cks trying to find what i needed, in a couple of cases tweaked myself. As far as i know and what i can find, this set of diagrams is perhaps the only collated set like this for a 66 Mustang. I hope I am wrong on that though. I spent a good few hours tracking them down so i thought I would be good to the community and share the knowledge. I have reviewed a number of workshop manuals that i own which may help you. Most of them seem to be 64 – 73 years. The more years it covers the less specific they can be I found.

  6. I am needing nuts and bolts to put front suspension back together on 65 mustang fastback. It was a salvage yard find by my Dad who has since passed. I would like to be able to roll it around to get it out of the weather. I have majority of the parts but have no idea what size or length of bolts I need to button it up. Thanks, any help would be much appreciated. Enjoy your articles and diagrams. Ron

  7. Me, I’m just here for the pictures on this one. What I like is that you have followers who resort to you for advice, which says a great deal about the work you’re doing on the blog. I like the way the photo illustrates the diagram, even for a layman like me. Plus, now I know what a Pitman Arm is … something I’ve heard in discussion, but never seen. Pays to step out of ones frame of reference occasionally. Carry on! Definitely like seeing the ‘Stangs on the street, and I want them to be safe!

    1. Thanks for the comment Brad. I’m pleased you managed to find something useful from a not so exciting diagram. Safety is important that’s a priority and it’s great to see the cars on the road. Me I just love all the classic 50’s and 60’s cars, no matter who make them. Dodge, Chevy, Lincoln, Oldsmobile etc all made some truly wonderful looking cars.

  8. is there anything that connects the bottom of the steering column to the steering box? I pulled mine off to replace the rubber – mine had disintegrated – and besides the rubber grommet that pushes onto the steering box, the rubber surrounding the column at the firewall, and the two bolts holding the column to the dash, I didn’t see anything else. Wondered if I am missing something. Thanks for all the photos. Big help.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by. The steering box rod goes up the centre of the column to the steering wheel. The column is only there to keep the rod centred and protected. As you correctly state, apart from the bottom grommet above the steering box, firewall grommet and the bracket to the dash that’s pretty much it. I can’t think that you are missing anything.

  9. hi i have a 65 with a manual steering box, how do you separate column from box? I dont see a rag joint

    1. Hi, I am assuming you mean the outer column. At the bottom there is a rubber grommet that pushes into the end. The grommet opening is the same size as the steering shaft. The column will pull away from the box. Mine had 50 years of grime and all sorts caked around it and was a bit tight. You will obviously have to remove the steering wheel, the indicator stalk, and all the inside parts and wiring. A clamp under the dash also holds the column in place via two bolts which also secures part of the pedal assembly. With everything undone a twist back and forth should crack the seal open and allow you to pull the column up. A tip for you: if the inside was anything like mine then it will have grease everywhere. Make sure it don’t drop our on the the seats or carpets etc. Hope that helps. I did a little walk through on removing the steering box which should show the process for you. Thanks for stopping by.

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