Steering & Suspension Diagrams

These are a few of the diagrams I have used for reference on the suspension and steering linkages.

The diagrams are from the steering wheel, steering column and down to the suspension link up and steering linkages. The powered steering ram is shown on the more complex diagram at the bottom. There are the 6 and v8 versions of the diagrams here.











  v8 full exploded diagramv8steering

 6 cylinder full exploded diagramFullSteeringExp


4 Responses to Steering & Suspension Diagrams

  1. camerapacker says:

    The diagrams are beautiful in their way. I think a week or two at your shop would be like having a good schooling experience.

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  2. mike says:

    hi i have a 65 with a manual steering box, how do you separate column from box? I dont see a rag joint

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    • Hi, I am assuming you mean the outer column. At the bottom there is a rubber grommet that pushes into the end. The grommet opening is the same size as the steering shaft. The column will pull away from the box. Mine had 50 years of grime and all sorts caked around it and was a bit tight. You will obviously have to remove the steering wheel, the indicator stalk, and all the inside parts and wiring. A clamp under the dash also holds the column in place via two bolts which also secures part of the pedal assembly. With everything undone a twist back and forth should crack the seal open and allow you to pull the column up. A tip for you: if the inside was anything like mine then it will have grease everywhere. Make sure it don’t drop our on the the seats or carpets etc. Hope that helps. I did a little walk through on removing the steering box which should show the process for you. Thanks for stopping by.


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