Meguiar’s Xtra Large Storage Kit Bag

Cost: £35

Date of Review: 4/11/2018

The Sales Pitch from Monza Car Care:

This Meguiar’s fantastic XL storage kit bag will store your dual action or Rotary machine polisher and many other items too

It can carry large polishing machines or general detailing items – all in a dust free environment thanks to the zip.

Note that a wire frame holds the zip open during use, making it even more handy.


What You Get:

A wide bag with dual embroidered Meguiar’s Logos one on each side. Each end of the bag has an external pocket.


Height: 9″= 230mm, Width: 9″ = 230mm, Length: 18″ = 460mm

Product Description:

A nylon fabric bag that can hold a variety of products but made especially for the DA machines. A single zip design with a super wide open top that stays open.

Strap & Handles:

There is no shoulder strap on this bag, just a couple of generous handles with the folded over design in the middle.

I do think that a shoulder strap option would have been nice, but the design of the opening I think prevents it and would have distorted the bag.


This is a single opening that runs down the centre of the bag.

The opening when unzipped is the same size as the base footprint itself and makes it so easy to get into the bag. The opening remains open due to the wire frame stitched into the fabric around the top of the bag.


A strong single zip with a single zipper and metal tag which closes with confidence. The zip is attached to a wire frame and so overhangs the edge of the bag when closed. When the bag is opened the single zip can be seen running around the top edge.

At each end of the bag the zip over hangs the edge of the opening due to the wide opening wire design.

The Base:

When closed the bag is narrower at the top than the base. When opened full access to the contents is easy and has a large volume of storage. The underside of the bag has two strips of velcro to hold the bag in place on trunk carpet.

A nice idea from Meguiar’s, well done.

I think that I would like to have seen the bag an inch or so longer. With the backing plate in place on the DA tool, the plate touches one end of the bag and the rubberized wire at the end of the tool touches the other end of the bag. So you have to dip one end of the tool into the bag first then the other. With the backing plate detached it fits in not a problem, but I’m not convinced many people undo their backing plates to put the tool away.


On the outside at each end there is a single pocket, although the zip overhang does slightly encroaches on the full accessibility.

Inside there is a strip of thin nylon running from end to end and sewn down the middle to make two pockets on each side. Each pocket holds the 5″ pads in their packaging or 6″ pads without.

Due to the thin nylon material and a single stitch I found that the stitching had come undone fairly easily. The pockets need to be treated with a little care.

Not a major problem, but it does mean that the pocket will eventually become a single pocket and flap open and not hold the items very securely. For that reason alone a mark has to come off the top score. I would say that the pockets would have been much better with an elasticated open mesh design.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Full marks not given due to the material becoming unstitched, and I would have liked the bag to be a fraction longer.


A great bag obviously designed for the DA tools on the market. I’m not sure if other makes of DA will fit inside as I don’t have them to check. The handles are a decent length over the top of the bag.

Meguiar’s finish on the inside of my bag is disappointing, and I wouldn’t mind betting this will happen on other bags too.

The large Detailer Bag can be found here.

The smaller version of this bag is reviewed here.

The alternative branded ‘Mirror Bright’ bag is reviewed here.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but it would have to be in a sale.

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