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  • Waxes: Lily, Addiction, Wax+, Glace
  • Liquid Products: Armour, Clear, Endurance, Pure, Quick Detailer, Rinse, Seal v2, Snow, Spa, Treat.
  • Other Products: Metal

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The Ultimate In Gloss

£600 for 175ml jar


Addiction is perfect for this time of year as we have carefully balanced the longevity and the super wet look! 

£185 for 200ml jar


Boost the longevity & gloss of any wax

Silicon Hybrid

£14 for 500ml bottle


Works perfectly with all Mitchell & King waxes

Super Easy To Use, Simply Spray & Wipe

Real Carnauba Inside!

Water resistant, and a topup protection layer 

£13 for 500ml bottle

Liquid Products:


Aviation Grade, High Temp.

For The Ultimate Wheel Protection

£15 for 500ml bottle


Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

Easy to apply and really cuts through the grime. 

£13 for 500ml bottle


Spray On – Wipe Off

Multiple purpose application

Sealer, Wax Top up on stand-alone product.

£13.49 for 500ml bottle


Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

Easy to apply and really cuts through the grime. 

£13.49 for 500ml bottle

Quick Detailer

Reduce the risk of scratches and get volumes of gloss! 

Use To Dry The Car, Dampen Polishing Pads & Help To Apply/Remove Wax 

£13 for 500ml bottle


Hydrophobic Rinse Aid – brand new formula super-strength 1:100

Simply wash your car as normal, hose off the residual soap and then spray your diluted Rinse and watch the water disperse, now dry the car as normal.

£15 for 1000ml bottle

Seal v2

Long Term Sealant

Additional Protection For Your Paint 

£15 for 500ml bottle


New Version Includes More Foam And Longer Dwell

Wax safe and loosens contaminants

£13 for 1000ml bottle


Won’t damage your wax

PH Neutral Car Wash

50 washes per 500ml bottle

£10 for 500ml bottle


Car Plastic Dressing, OEM, Non Gloss Finish

Our car plastic dressing leaves a lovely finish, increasing the protection of your plastic from Sun damage and making them easier to clean next time around. 

£13.49 for 500ml bottle

Other Products:


Metal is our brand new metal polish, which not only cleanses your metal and brightwork, it also protects it from further tarnishing.

£25 for 500ml tub

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