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  • Waxes: Dat Wax, Showroom Shine.
  • Liquid Products: (EZ) Wheel Armour, (Valet Pro) Snow Foam, (Simoniz) Bug shifter.
  • Other Products: (Bilt Hamber) Auto Clay.
  • Fresh Motor Company: Air fresheners

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Dat Wax

Hand crafted using only the finest quality Carnauba Wax

Infused with some of the best fragrances you can think of.

£20 for 100ml jar

front of bottle

Showroom Shine

No need to wash your vehicle first – cleans, shines & protects in one

Safe for use on metal, glass, plastic & paintwork, no streaks, smears, scratches or water spots

£15 for 1000ml jar

Liquid Products:

Wheel Armour

By EZ Care Care

Wheel Armour will create a tight seal to your wheel surface and provide protection

There will be no need for heavy wheel cleaners once protected with Wheel Armour

£14 for 500ml bottle

PH Neutral Snow Foam

by Valet Pro

Produces thick and clingy foam

Will not strip waxes or other protective coatings 

£22 for 5l bottle

Bug Shifter

by Simoniz

Bug Shifter dissolves harmful bird droppings and insect smears on windscreen, glass, bumpers and exterior mirrors

The simple application means that once sprayed, it takes just a few minutes to work

£12 for 500ml bottle

Other Products:

Bilt Hamber Products:

Auto Clay

By Bilt Hamber

Intense cleaning action for embedded contaminants

Only water needed as lubricant

Leaves an ultra clean, smooth finish

£10 for 200g tub

Auto Wash

By Bilt Hamber

Highly Concentrated

Snow Foam Step for pre wash

Non Touch Debris cleaning

Good value for money

£16.95 for 5 ltr

Car Air Fresheners

Gentleman’s Scent

By Fresh Motor Company

Air Freshener

$4.99 each

Ocean Breeze

By Fresh Motor Company

Air Freshener

$4.99 each

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