Front & Rear Brake Diagrams

Various Brake diagrams I used for reference.

I have been asked if there were any diagrams that I used, so here are a few of the more useful ones.

Please make sure you get the right details for your car as I can’t/won’t be held responsible for any errors on a critical part of the car.


Drum Brakes spring guide


drum split



Parking Brake 65 - 66

19 Responses to Front & Rear Brake Diagrams

  1. camerapacker says:

    Love your diagrams though I am not a mechanic.

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  2. camerapacker says:

    I am not a care mechanic but I love your info and especially the blow up diagrams of various components.

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  3. babage says:

    hay man, what book can this be?


  4. Naufalnirwana says:

    hay man, do you have a manual book foed mustang 66


  5. Walk says:

    Early 67 mustang had rear proportional valve

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  6. miniontour says:

    Like looking at a map in the Sahara lol


  7. miniontour says:

    need you to do some work on my mini lol

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  8. Thank you for finding and reading my blog post on “Life with 1950 Technology.” You have a beautiful website here. Very well done and informative. Hope you enjoy your Mustang for many more years.

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  9. Thank you, some of the information can be difficult to get hold of, so I collated what I found useful.


  10. firecook says:

    Really interesting..:)

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