Halguard HG100C Fire Extinguisher

Cost: (Approx) £150 depending where you get it.

Date of Review: 28th December 2017

The Sales Pitch from: Halguard

H3R Performance brings aviation style Halotron® 1 fire extinguishers to the automotive enthusiast with HalGuard™ premium clean agent fire protection.

HalGuard™ is no ordinary automotive fire extinguisher. It contains Halotron® 1, electrically non-conductive extinguishing agent that rapidly turns into a gas. Halotron® 1 has passed extensive testing by Underwriters Laboratories, and meets FAA requirements. It can be found on commercial aircraft, and is used by airport fire fighters and on the flight line.
Hand held HalGuard™ extinguishers are available in either compact 1.4 lb. and 2.5 lb. sizes, or larger 5 lb., 11 lb., and 15.5 lb. units. The larger sizes are USCG approved, and meet DOT requirements for the heavy-duty truck market. 65 lb., and 150 lb. wheeled HalGuard™ extinguishers offer maximum clean agent protection for the pit lane or large facilities.

Whatever your passion; hot rods, racing cars, classic automobiles, off-road vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, or even RVs or boats – protect your investment with a fire extinguisher that attacks fires involving flammable liquids quickly and safely, with no danger of electric shock, and without leaving a damaging residue to clean up.

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

  • No thermal shock to electronics
  • No mess or damage to vehicle or surfaces
  • Liquefied gas extinguishes hard-to-reach fires
  • Does not impair operator’s vision
  • EPA approved
  • Listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Rechargeable
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • USCG approved (with bracket listed on UL label, models of 5 lb. and larger)
  • 1 lb. to 5 lb. HalGuard™ extinguishers come standard with aviation-quality mounting brackets¹
  • High quality steel cylinders
  • All metal valve construction
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to use
  • Six year limited warranty
Source: https://www.h3rperformance.com/halguard_products.htm

What You Get:

The paperwork, the fire extinguisher (unit) and the standard bracket.

The unit is held in place by a couple of prongs at the top of the bracket to suspend the unit by the neck, and then held in place by a hook a hook and clasp idea.

The unit will not move once clamped in place. The bracket has a multitude of fitting holes for the unit and is bound to fit anywhere flat. If you want it to fit under the seat, or on a roll cage you will need to purchase those additionally. The brackets come in standard bracket or the quick release style with the large pull tab and pin to disconnect the unit from the clamp almost instantly.

Product Description:

This is basically a fire extinguisher unit that uses a Halotron gas which removes the oxygen from the fire environment and is “ABC” rated, or suitable for all types of fire. On a classic car, that could be fuel, fabrics and plastics. This is the smallest unit at 1.4lb. This type of unit is recommended by endless amounts of motor sport associations in the USA, and widely used in the aviation industry, unfortunately it’s banned in Europe.

The unit itself is the polished chrome version and looks incredible, and much better than the standard red units for a classic car. There is a collapsible handle which is raised up slightly away from the body to start the unit action and the handle.

There is a gauge on the side of the unit with a needle indicator to show the correct fill. The bottom has a flat base can can be stood on any unit. The safety pull pin is held in place by a plastic cable attached to the handle.

The front of the unit does not have a pipe or a horn to hold, just the opening.

The unit is refillable and has a five-year limited warranty and is very well put together, the feel is sturdy in the hand and gives a sense of purpose about it.

There are multiple types of brackets available for the units, ranging from standard clip style, quick release and billet designs for side, cage or under seat mountings.



I hope I never find out. If I do then I am in trouble. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of this type of unit in action and is very impressive indeed.

Standard units use either gas, water or powder with each type only to be used on certain types of fire. This will do them all without having to worry. The HalGuard is designed not to cause a thermal shock to the components unlike co2 units. It won’t leave a toxic mess like power, and won’t cause further damage like water.

I mounted mine inside the car for easy access and it just looks right for the style and age of the car.

Rating: Difficult to make.

Looks alone and design it deserve top marks.

Functionality it has not been tested so I can’t rate it.


It’s a fire extinguisher at the end of the day and will do its job. The fact it will put out fires of multiple sources is the major bonus.

The unit looks great and can be mounted on display and will good in any car.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Would I buy it again? I hope I never have to but for looks alone, Yes I would!

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