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I have already added hyper links and static advertising on my site and repeated advertising. It’s MUCH cheaper than you think to advertise with me.

Of course you want to know the exposure data first:

My Past Year’s Figures:

2013 – 27,546 views with 9,446 visitors

2014 – 85,003 views with 28,635 visitors

2015 – 134,940 views with 29,864 visitors

2016 – 107,895 views with 46,567 visitors

2017 – 97,975 views with 47,016 visitors

2018 – 106,013 views with 51,873 visitors

2019 – 117,904 views with 57,649 visitors

2020 – 154,792 views with 64,781 visitors

2021 – 99,899 views with 48,471 visitors (Correct as 9/8/2021)

Total Views To Date:  1,030,761

Total visitors:  394,433


If you are looking to place an Advertising Logo or even have your own static page on my site via Sponsorship, please contact me with your suggestions and we could well make a deal.

I have a couple of happy sponsors who have stayed with me for a while now and I am more than happy to carry on with them.

However, I do not wish to fill my blog with any old advertising material just for the sake of it. I want to keep this blog a quality, informative blog site.


I am more than happy to review a car related product that you send to me.

I pride myself on the fact that you will get an honest, unbiased review of the item.

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