Gyeon Q2M Large Detailing Bag

Cost: £40 to £80 You MUST shop around for the best deal.

Date of Review:  2/11/2018

The Sales Pitch from Clean Your Car:

The Gyeon Large Detailing Kit bag is a high quality bag that is ideal for carrying all your favourite Gyeon detailing products.

Made of a high quality canvas, very durable and high quality construction.

  • Adjustable internal sections (arrange it your way)
  • Seperate lid compartment for storing cloths and brushes
  • Includes a carry strap Transparent lid compartment

The choice for advanced enthusiast willing to carry safely and in great order a large collection of products and accessories. Multiple, freely arrangeable compartments allow functional product location. Additional pockets and compartments separate various types of accessories and prevent them from moving and damage. The bag is made of a quality synthetic material, resistant, easy to clean and protecting the products inside well. It’s equipped with an optional strap.


What You Get:

A bag with an adjustable four section dividers via velcro fastening. Two handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag has their white printed logo on the front and the top of the bag.


Height 30cm x Depth 22cm x Width 50cm

Product Description:

A well made bag with a nice canvas material. However the inside is let down by the use of a particular material. The bag is a large open plan bottomed bag with a zips for the lid. The upper part of the lid itself has its own zip for holding smaller objects or materials on top.

Strap & Handles:

The handles are canvas with a sewn folded over design. Although they are adequate for purpose a little padding wouldn’t have gone a miss considering the potential weight that could be carried. The handle material wraps all the way around under the bag and gives confidence that they will hold all the weight.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted for length and is attached to the bag via a swivel clip and thus detachable if required. The should strap again runs around the bag and has been double stitched on the ends at the top.

The padding is there and made of the same material as the bag and can positioned anywhere along the strap. The padding is a little lacking and not as good as the Auto Finesse bag I have.


The lid is a zipped compartment a couple of inches deep. It’s ideal for storage of smaller items such as gloves, brushes or smaller products. The top of the lid is compartmentalised with various size pockets made of a clear plastic and sewn into shape.

My problem is that making holes in this type of plastic not only weakens it, the plastic over time will eventually go brittle and crack as with some other bags I have had in the past.

The underside of the lid also has a zipped full length pouch which is again made of plastic. The pouch capable of holding slim objects or a couple of cloths.

The lid can hold a decent amount of smaller stuff, such as sponge pads, DA Pads, clay bars, small pots etc. but it comes at a heavy cost of base storage height.


There are two zips and they both have twin zippers, one zip is to open the top lid’s storage area, the other is to hold the lid shut to the base. The zips are in the corporate purple colours and are of a good quality. The tags are a very nice touch with their company logo and made of rubber. Better than the Auto Finesse bag.


The base is large and an open space. Gyeon provide four dividers with velcro foldable edges. As their sales pitch says ‘arrange it your way’, for my purposes I have only used three dividers to give me four compartments.

The velcro is strong because of three full length strips of material. The dividers are covered in a water-resistant material, I suspect that dividers are made of cardboard and bend fairly easy as you can see.

The base height is the problem with the bag. When I purchased this bag I thought the bottles would fit in it. However, the bag will not hold my products standard sized products from; Meguiar’s, Auto Finesse, Chemical Guys and Auto Glym products.

Perhaps the bag is only aimed at their own products but if it is they are missing out on market and advertising of their brand.

For what I store in this bag of my own products I can’t shut the lid.


There are no outside pockets on the bag and none inside the base. The underside lid has a zipped pocket and the upper part of the lid has the plastic sections.

Rating: 6 out 10

Low marks due to; shallow depth of bag, no external pockets and plastic pouches used.


If you have small bottles, brushes, cloths or tins of waxes then this bag is fine. The fact is that this bag is expensive for what it is in my opinion. In a couple of places online this bag is double the cost of the much, much superior Auto Finesse Crew Bag.

The handles are just adequate to loop over the top of the bag and the shoulder padding is not that great either.

With standard size bottles and products from multiple detailing companies they just won’t fit in there upright – unless you lay them down.

I have to store this bag with products inside and the lid open.

Would I recommend it? No, unless you want to hold small objects.

Would I buy it again? No. Not unless it’s a super cheap price just to hold my expensive micro fibre cloths.

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