Auto Finesse Crew Bag

Cost: £40

Date of Review:  30th October 2018

The Sales Pitch from Auto Finesse:

The Auto Finesse Crew detailing bag is the perfect carrier for all those wonderful products. Designed with strong heavy-duty shoulder and hand straps (with padding) to make it easier to carry around if required, there’s also a printed logo to the top and front of the bag. It has plenty of space for all the products you’d need to conduct a thorough vehicle detail, with two outside pockets at the front and one mesh pocket at the rear for drying towels or damp cloths, as well as 12 x 500ml and 250ml pockets inside, and two 1-Litre spaces inside.

There’s even extra room to the middle, fitting additional bottles if necessary. Inside both ends are slots for brushes and accessories, as well as a mesh pocket to the lid for waxes, pads and applicators



Size: 54cm L x 24cm W x 30cm H

What You Get:

Product Description:

This is the largest detailing bag I could find, both in size and capacity of carrying items. The black bag is branded with silver printed logo and smart tidy silver stitching that just shouts quality, well thought out and designed bag. The fabric rhe bag is made from is easy enough to clean.

Strap & Handles:

The handles are very well padded with a big loop and have no problems meeting at the top of the bag once it is all zipped up and closed, thus causing less stress on your hands. They are stitched well to the bag with the strap going all around the bag. A big confidence they will hold a full bag without problems.

The shoulder is fully adjustable via a buckle, the swivel clips helps to prevent the handle becoming twisted and also allows the strap to be removed if required. There is a thick pad that can slide along the strap to be where you need it with the length adjusted as you want it. The shoulder pad is a generous size with a good supply of padding and will protect you from the heavy weight of a fully loaded bag.


This is a simple flap over design with the zip running around the edge of the lid. The inside of the lid has (my preferred storage method) a mesh pouch across the full lid with a single zip to keep the items secured. Perfect for storage of gloves or the smaller details like brushes, sample products, small product bottles or smaller cloths.


A single plastic zip around the rim at the top is sturdy and closes firmly. There are twin zipper tags to open the bag. My only (minor) criticism is that Auto Finesse missed a trick my not putting a nice branded tags on the zippers, instead we have an almost random embroidered stitching and looks a little cheap compared to the rest of the bag.


This is cavernous and I am amazed at how much you can get in here. Around the outside there are pockets and inside there are pockets and elasticated holders. The bag is sturdy and will stand up on its own without collapsing into a heap in front of you. The inside is lined and easy to clean and will retain spillages if you have one without destroying you canvas outside. Between the bottle holding pockets, the centre of the bag has plenty more space to store more bottles, the ergonomic Meguiar’s bottles fit in here nicely, aerosols, torches, mirror, sponge pads, cloths, in fact pretty much anything.

The depth of the bag is brilliant as it will take all makes of bottles, Auto Finesse, Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, DoDo Juice, Poorboys, Autoglym etc. The lid will close even with the tallest bottles and trigger combination bottles I own, with room to store a few more items on top.


Around the outside there are two deep pockets at each end where the strap is attached for smaller bottles or items, here’s an example of what you can put in each.

The front has two full faced pockets that are a slender design, ideal for silk glass cloths, gloves, pads or paperwork maybe. The rear has a single mesh pocket design.

Inside the case along the back side there are seven pockets and the last one on the right is larger and will hold the larger one litre bottles along with another in the opposing corner. The front edge has eight pockets. Here is the clever part, inside the round bottle holding pockets there is again more elasticated holders. You can put items in them, or multiple smaller bottles. That is an amazing touch I have not seen on any other detailing bag.

The sides have also been catered for with yet more elasticated straps.

In fact I don’t think there is as space where you can’t store anything. Here are a few shots of what I store in the bag.

Rating: 10 out 10


I own three ‘large’ and two smaller detailing bags. This is my favourite bag by a long way. I bought this bag with my own money and I get nothing from this review.

A quality made bag, it looks good and more importantly it holds so much. The cost of this bag is amazing and probably the best money you pay for a detailing bag.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Go and buy one.

Would I buy it again? Yes, if I ever need to that is, but I suspect it would last for a long time.

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