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  • Liquid Products: Clearly Menthol, Red Mist Tropical, Super Natural Tar & Glue
  • Accessories: Nut Plug Cleaner

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Liquid Products:

Clearly Menthol

Use it inside your car and outside, on standard or tinted windows.

Use it inside your house for cleaning mirrors and windows.

£8 for 500ml bottle

Red Mist

Red Mist is a veritable spray soup of synthetic sealants, designed to coat bodywork in a glossy and water-repellent molecular jacket after just one mist.

Wipe it on, buff it off (quickly) and then feel the difference.

£20 for 500ml bottle

Supernatural Tar & Glue Remover

It’s really effective, too, causing tar to ‘streak’ on contact, like the fiercest solvents

No tar and glue remover smells better than Supernatural’s very own citrus spray

£4 for 100ml bottle


Nut Plug

The Dodo Juice Nutt Plug cleans parts of the wheel other foams, brushes and sponges may struggle to reach.

It fits snugly inside stud holes and smothers wheel nuts and wheel bolts with its sponge head, allowing them to be cleaned quickly and with a greater contact patch than may otherwise be possible.


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