Meguiar’s Compact Kit Bag

Cost: £12 – £15

Date of Review:  30th October 2018

The Sales Pitch from Amazon:

  • Large storage bag for your Meguiar’s products
  • High quality for you to keep all your products in a place
  • Ideal for use in the car


Size: L 33cm x W 10cm x H 32cm

What You Get:

A small portable bag that will hold four bottles of products. The front of the bag has a quality embroidered Meguiar’s logo and a full width front pocket.

Product Description:

This bag I believe is aimed for car transportation. This bag is also known as a ‘starter’ or ‘kit’ bag. The bag will hold essentials such as car shampoo, wax, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, cloths etc.

Strap & Handles:

There is no shoulder strap as this is a small portable bag. The handles are small loops of fabric folded in half at the middle and double stitched at the ends.

On the back of the bag there is a small velcro flap at the top, this flap is intended to have a boot strap of some sort threaded through it in order to hold it in place.

A great idea nice one Meguiar’s.


There is no lid as this bag is a split in half opening design.


This zip has twin zippers and holds together firmly. The zipper tags are unbranded and made of metal.


The bag splits into equal halves with each side having a loop of elastic to hold two bottles.


There is a large open slim pocket on the front of the bag which wont hold much, maybe a few gloves, sponge pads or brushes etc.

On the front of the large pocket at the bottom there is a very small flap about an inch deep, but I’m not quite sure what it’s for to be honest, maybe hold a pencil or a few keys.

The elasticated straps are designed to hold the Meguiar’s products first and foremost which are wider and flatter than most of the other cylinder style products.

The bag will hold an additional bottle in the middle of the bag or a few cloths and will still zip up.

If you do want to hold other manufacturers bottles in this bag they will make the bag bulge when zipped up. However, holding the round bottles without the elastic, you may be able to fit six in the bag at a push depending on their size of course.

Rating: 10 out 10

The bag does exactly what it supposed to do and functions properly with no defects. So I can’t give it anything other than top marks.


The cost of this bag if you can find one for sale (it’s not actually on the Meguiar’s web site for some reason), is half to three-quarters the cost of the price of the large bag which will hold so much more, yet not take up that much more space.

I also own the ‘large’ bag version which holds so much more, but the zip is terrible on my particular bag and wont stay closed. The link for that large bag is here. With that in mind, there are Pros and Cons for that particular bag.

This bag is almost the same design as the Meguiar’s sister company ‘Mirror Bright’ bag which is also reviewed here.

Comparison picture:

Meguair’s Xtra Large Storage Kit Bag reviewed here.

Meguair’s Detailers Bag reviewed here.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Although it’s quite limited to what it can hold.

Would I buy it again? Yes. But, only if I needed a bag to hold a small amounts of products.

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