Cost:  500ml refill £19

Date of Review: 30/04/2023

The Sales Pitch from Lanoguard:

Very low prep, quick DIY application, minimal mess. A lasting, jet-wash resistant and eco-friendly barrier coating that stays in place and stops salt, grit and moisture in their tracks.

Trusted by thousands of vehicle owners across the UK and Ireland. Sourced and made in the UK by our friendly family business with eco-friendly, natural and products.

It’s one simple kit with everything you need to do the job, including the tools to apply it. Very quick to apply, with full instructions.

Lanoguard has a set of features and technical specifications which really set it apart. Once you understand these technical features you can really start to work out all kinds of uses for Lanoguard grease and sprays across all kinds of corrosion protection, waterproofing, electrical and lubrication applications. The Lanoguard features are: 

  • Natural and much, much longer lasting
  • Salt, Acid and Alkaline resistant
  • Hermetically seals the surface (so oxidation can’t occur (so rust can’t form nor continue))
  • Waterproof (instantly waterproof anything)
  • Jet wash resistant to 3000 psi or 200 bar (won’t be displaced and will keep protecting after cleaning)
  • Petroleum resistant (so petrol or diesel spillage or leakage wont displace it nor mix with it)
  • Non-conductive to 70,000 volts (use on all electrics and circuit boards)
  • Prevents electrolysis (no more seized nuts and bolts or outboard motor legs!)
  • Non-evaporative (won’t dry out like normal grease leaving un-lubricated or protected parts)
  • Heat resistant to 450 degrees celsius
  • Adheres to all surfaces
  • Non-leaching (won’t spread to other adjoining surfaces and material)
  • Non perishing (safe to use on all rubbers etc)
  • Lubricating (amazingly low friction co-efficients)
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Ecologically sound (can be used safely in marine environments)
  • Our greases are Non-petroleum based 

Long lasting rust prevention and waterproofing, resistant to jet-washing, heat, salt, acid and alkaline. UK made and developed by us.

15-30 minute easy application with very little prep needed and minimal mess. Apply any time of year, even in winter, with no problems.
Non-perishing and non-conductive (use it on rubbers, bushes, plastics and electric components too! No masking up needed)


What You Get:

This is the 500ml refill that would normally be used to top up the 2lt bottle which has the extended pipe and trigger at the end. This package has a an included trigger.

Purchased from Mustang Maniac here

Product Description:

This is a protective product that can be dipped, brushed or sprayed onto the surface of the metal to be protected. There is no need to worry about overspray onto rubber or seals etc. as it will not damage them.

The trigger has two options for a jet or spray. The spray setting has a even mist and consistent with each spray. I did notice that the trigger had a little leak towards the end of the bottle, so I would recommend gloves as it got into my grip and made the bottle difficult to hold.

The product is being touted as having “Self healing” properties, as it never completely dries or cracks.


There is very minimal prep needed for the application of the product. A jet wash to remove mud or similar, but for surface rust use an abrasive or a good ol’ wire brush to get to some solid surface.


The application couldn’t be easier as just spray it on and and leave it. The mist can be a wide and a little overspray shouldn’t be a problem. If you do, just wipe it away with a clean cloth.

The product is virtually clear, with a hint of a brown hue. There is hardly any smell, but wearing a face mask to stop breathing it in and safety glasses is a good idea.

Below is the underside of my car which was completed eight years ago. So it’s still pretty clean under here. The paint that was used originally on the axle is POR15.

Spraying the surface goes on with a wet gloss look. The mist is even and there didn’t appear to be any runs or drip marks. Although spraying close with lots of product will cause runs obviously. The instructions say ‘a little goes a long way’. This product can be applied with a cloth or brash as well if needed for more control to prevent over spray. The spray was consistent from start to finish of the bottle. Although I found the trigger mechanism did leak a bit towards the end and made holding a shiny plastic bottle rather hard to hold. Wiping of the excess still left a slippery surface but needed to cleaned up a bit in order to start spraying again.

When spraying the product it goes on wet and shiny, and remains tacky for a day or so and gradually cures over a course of a few days.

I’m in two minds if I would have preferred the gloss look or once the product has dried or cured it has this nice even satin finish.

Spraying onto the back of the rear drum plate was easy enough and again no drips. The slave cylinder looked a little rusty, but after spraying it seems to have changed it’s appearance to look less rusty.

The U-clamp bolts to the leaf spring plate underneath the plate were looking a bit rusty. After the product had cured they changed colour to a more natural looking colour.

The following has been taken from the Lanoguard website:

It’s best to leave your vehicle or machinery at least 24 hours before use. Lanoguard will take up to a week to fully cure to a “candle-like” texture. Dry to the touch but you’ll be able to feel it’s there doing it’s job. It never fully cures or dries, and this is a vital property to ensure it is non-evaporative and self-healing, meaning it won’t crack or dry out leaving parts unprotected. Lanoguard typically lasts up to a year, so be sure to apply yearly to your vehicles/machinery to keep them in optimal condition. You can apply more often if you wish for an even stronger protection!

Although the product is noted as “typically lasts up to a year”, as my car gets hardly any use in bad conditions I expect it to last a lot longer.


There shouldn’t be any need to remove Lanoguard to be honest as you will build up a barrier. But, if you do want to remove it, it can be done. This is their response to a Q&A section:


“We offer Lanoguard remover, which can be used either to freshly applied Lanoguard or long time cured Lanoguard. It can be used to remove any overspray, clean brushes and or spray guns – just rinse through with warm water afterwards. If using to remove cured and large areas we suggest spraying onto the area, leaving for 5 minutes, then jet washing the area and the Lanoguard will come off with it. Thick coated areas may need the remover applied and jet washed twice. Do note, you do not need to remove Lanoguard – you can apply coat-on-coat and simply spray over old Lanoguard treatments. Removal is only really needed if you want a very close up inspection of the underbody, or if you have already done a few years of coat-on-coat and would like to start again.”

I can’t comment on actually removing the product as a review.


So far it has done exactly what it says it will do. It looks satin, it feels like a candle to the touch. I have misted some water onto the axle, it beads up and rolls straight back off.

How it holds up to stone chips and road rash – I will just have to wait and see.


9 out of 10

Ease of use – Very, very easy to apply with virtually no prep.

Finish – Satin with a slightly waxy feel once cured.

Not full marks as the trigger wasn’t great due to the leakage. Also, getting the bottle into some places means you have turn the bottle sideways so the liquid isn’t picked up by the straw. To get it working again means primming the trigger back up again which is a pain. But, the product does seem very good.


The product is aimed at the home use market and doesn’t need to be professionally applied. As long as there is an even coating then you are protected. It took less than half an hour to go round the underside of my car. It’s now protected even better than just the underseal I already had under there.

The cost is considerable, £68 for 2lt and a spray attachment or £19 for 500ml which wasn’t enough to do everything I wanted to do. With that in mind, the larger bottle is so much better value and would be easier to work with.

This isn’t a single treatment for life as Lanoguard recommend regular applications. Not a huge pain, but you don’t want it to be four layers deep in some areas then none on others. So you can be selective with you apply it.

Being clear (almost), it doesn’t affect any stock colour look you may have going on under the car either. If you have a regular daily then spray away to your hearts content.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Would I buy it again? Yes. Although there does seem to be an element of price fixing as the cost is pretty much the same no matter where you go!


I will give an update after a few months of car show journeys to see how it holds up. If the product doesn’t last long then the Rating score will certainly change and go down.

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