Ford Fasteners 1955 – 1973

This is a collated list of the fasteners that were used by Ford between 1955 and 1973. Not many people realise that the markings on the top will denote lots of information, such as the grades of fastener, manufacturer or even the machine operator. What we have here are some pages that shed some light on what the fasteners are and their tolerances. If you want a concours car, then you need this guide.

These pages are not just for Mustangs, they are for all makes of Ford vehicles which were made between 1955 all the way up to 1973, which just happens to be when most of the iconic Ford vehicles were made.

There is an Adobe Acrobat file that I created that can be downloaded here, or click on the download button below:

Ford-Fasteners-1955-1973.pdf (

There were other more subtle things like the coatings used on some fasteners, but for ninety nine percent of people, this guide is more than enough. A connoisseur’s guide is now available.

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