Stanley FatMax Deep Pro Organiser

Stanley 197518 FatMax Deep Pro Organiser


Depending on where you get this from could be £20 up to £50 in the biggest rip off places!


I have variations of these all over the place, some cheap jobs. The problem is they are never quite big enough for what I wanted. These cases are deeper and bigger and more sturdy. I have two of these now and they are used for the bigger “unknown” bits for the car, larger bolts and clamps, the other is used for the electrical components I use. Things like tapes, cable ties, fuses, testers etc all fit in no problem.

Whats in the box:

ha, the box was sold as it is. there is nothing else that comes with it. the dimensions of the box area generous 44.8 x 35.6 x 10.4 cm and weighs just over a two kilos. Whats inside the case itself are ten removable compartments, eight the same size and two larger compartments.


Heavy plastic case bottom, the lid is polypropylene, and should be pretty much indestructible if used normally. the catches on the front are made from “Rust resistant metal latches” (as they say). The catches are the standard lift and clamp down design and are heavy-duty. The hinge is a complete bar across the back that will distribute the load evenly across. I have broken many cases with the hinge attached in two or three places. The inner part of the lid that touches the top of the bottom case are waterproof. The closure of the lid is a tight but firm clamp action.

The lid has cut outs all around it that will hold the inside compartments steady and stop movement. The inner compartments can be arranged how you like for easy customisation. But the bit I like is the fact you can take these out if you don’t want them all and put something there in their place (if you want that is). the compartments can be stacked on top of each other outside the case. This is handy when you only want some screws or smaller parts not the whole lot. The compartments are big enough to get my big hands in and if I do get trouble with the tiny items, lift out the compartment and tip out what I need and saves tipping the case about and everything falling about or out..

The handle is firm and has a textured finish on the inside, for my big hands I love it. The clever part of the storage cases is the fact they can be clipped together using the side latches. They are plastic clips that lock in place to the bottom of the case placed on the lid. Obviously they have to be the same design. The limitation is three organisers together maximum. When in this configuration you will only have access to the top box to open. Clipping them together is no problem and there is definite snap when they lock in place. I did find it a little fidley to undo them with my fingers as they are smallish in comparison. In fact I would say this was the downside to these boxes, I would say that the front catches for the lid on the side would be so much better. Bear in mind that if you clip three of these together you will be carrying six kilos before you start to fill them up. At this sort of weight you may be better off with a dedicated larger tiered box. But, that choice would be yours of course. Carrying three of the together is fine for a short while but the bulk will be quite cumbersome.

Just for comparison I have taken photos of the smaller Stanley case which has similar designs but the compartments are re-arranged by moving little bits of plastic about. I use these create one longer compartment for hose fittings on the brakes or nuts and bolts. I have compared the side clip fittings and the insides.


Like I have mentioned above, the compartments are easily arranged and the size of the boxes allows for the various configurations. Once the lid is shut if it rains the rain will not get in due to the seal and ruin the contents, like making them rust etc. I have car brackets, fixings, long bolts, unidentified fittings all in one box. The other I used for my rewire of the car so it has all my electrical parts in it. These are so much nicer to use than the smaller designs by designs. The smaller ones I now use for the nuts and bolts or smaller objects. I sue these all the time and carry around what I need at the time, bits or electrical ans just carry them.

Rating: 9 out 10

Why not full marks because I have sung their praises? Indeed I have, the fact the side clips are pain to get open (for me) looks like they were done on the cheap. For this type of quality case I would pay an extra two or three quid (dollars) for a better clip system. Perhaps I would use the function a little more then.


Would I buy these again – definitely. I want another one for consumables that I will take in the car with me, such as spark plugs, bulbs, etc. These are a real good buy if you get them while they are on an offer. Would I pay £28.99rrp for one? No, that is a bit much at £20 Iwould when I got mine at a clearance shop at £15 then you have to jump at it. annoying thing is the sticker in the middle. When you remove it there is a layer of sticky mess left behind. There is no need for that to be honest. That gave me the hump for a while I was using label remover to get the sticky mess off.

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