Meguiar’s Extra Large Detailing Kit Bag (ST025)

Cost: £50

Date of Review: 3/4/2019

The Sales Pitch from Clean your Car:

The Meguiar’s Extra Large Detailing Kit Bag has been designed to transport your full Meguiar’s collection. The bag is of heavy-duty nylon construction including interior compartments, 2 medium pockets each end of the bag and 1 large pocket at the front, with embroidered Meguiar’s logo, velcro foot, and comfort padded carry strap.

  • Heavy duty nylon kit bag.
  • Large external accessory pockets
  • Embroidered Meguiar’s logo
  • Velcro foot.
  • Padded carry strap
  • Heavy duty zip

What You Get:

A large customisable heavy-duty bag. Adjustable strap and padded moveable section. Embroidered front logo.


60cm x 30cm x 35cm

Product Description:

Weather proofed bag with well protected pockets from the elements or to stop things falling out with generous velcro closures. The interior of the bag has removable velcro partitions to arrange as you want them. Open flap front pocket, two open flap side pockets and a slim-line rear zip pocket.

Strap & Handles:

There are no handles on this bag which is a shame if you want to carry for short distances, or just get out the car or van if you are a professional. The transport is therefore just a shoulder strap which has a good well padded section that slides up and down the strap for your shoulder setting. The strap is not removable and is attached via plastic fitting at one end and stitched the other.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to be a large loop for over the shoulder, or a tight strap so you have in effect, a single carry handle across the width of the bag. The longest loop when adjusted to the max is 21″.

Picking the full bag up with the strap has the usual problem of centre sag. But I have seen much worse. This is where handles would have been a good choice. Saying that this bag is full with full bottles of products and probably the heaviest it will be. In that respect it’s pretty good.


The lid is the same size as the top opening of the bag. The fabric is attached at the rear, the zips will go all the way back to the rear of the bag.

The lid will then flap over to the rear exposing the full opening of the bag. The front flap has a generous velcro strip.


The zip is asturdy plastic with two metal zippers. The zip itself is a large tooth design and for once on a Meguiar’s bag I have confidence in the functionality and longevity of the fastening.

The zip is around the whole top of the bag opening. The zip can be closed with a single zipper or meet the two together anywhere around the zip itself. Both zips tags have large holes so they could be padlocked if required.


On the underside is a single velcro strip to hold the bag in place within the trunk. For such a large bag I was expecting to see two strips, maybe one at each end. Saying that, with this bag full up, I doubt it will move around much anyway due to the potential weight inside.

Inside there are the customisable options. There is the main centre partition velcro fixed at each end and smaller divider options.

Single centre divide with side sections in place. The sections are determined by the pre-allocated velcro strips around the lining. Unfortunately you can’t make one side slightly larger or smaller as you may want. Unless you remove a section divider of course. You don’t have to have the dividers, with them out, this makes a real nice overnight, weekend bag in fact.

The major point here is that the Meguiar’s product bottles are some of the largest on the market. This bag does not disappoint and takes the tallest of the Meguiar’s bottles no trouble at all. Not that you would put other manufacturers products in here of course, but they also fit in with no problems at all.

Compare this to the other large bag it has just replaced and you can see what I mean.

The slightly smaller sections are in each corner and this is what I could fit in it. The large hard wax tins can be stacked and there is room down the side for other products too.

Different arrangements for the same area.

Due to the generous depth, not only does the lid close easily with stress, but you can also fit extra stuff on top of the product bottles and still close the lid.

The sections can hold the ergonomic bottles in either direction. Here is some more pics of the sections and what they can hold.


The four pockets are all almost the full depth of the bag. The opening at the top of the front and side pockets are easily accessible.

The front is an open design, full width and full depth, with the simple embroidered flap to cover it.

The side pockets are again large flap easy access covered designs.

There is an expanding flap of material at the bottom of the front and sides that allows for the smaller items to be stored with ease and not squashed at the bottom, ideal for brushes, foam pads, lug nut cleaner, clay bars or clothes etc.

The rear pocket is full width again which has a zip at the top. This is a slim line pocket and would be ideal for note pads or keys, or even wet items to be kept away from the rest of the bag or just kept safe.

Rating:  10 out of 10

This is the most expensive bag that I have purchased and it’s also the biggest. I tried to find fault with it but failed except for the handles that I would liked to have seen, therefore I have no choice but to give this bag a top score.

Another large bag I have also got top marks due to the design of the pockets to hold that particular manufacturers round productbottles only. But, the centre was open plan as it were which could take all sorts of products. In comparison, this bag could also be open plan, or it can be compartmentalized if you want. Obviously this bag is aimed at their oblong style based products. It will hold a huge amount of Meguiar’s products as well as other manufacturers products, that alone makes this the easy bag of choice for me between the two large bags I now use.

Great rear pocket fully isolated from the rest of the bag is a nice touch. With the large front and rear pockets there wasn’t really enough space to put the handles, which is a shame, perhaps the only down side I can think off.

But if you are like me, then I don’t transport my main detailing bags about that much.  I use a smaller skeleton collection in the smaller bags when I go to car shows etc, so the lack of handles isn’t really that much of a problem for me.


I love this bag, and in my opinion it’s the superior bag of all that I own.

This bag has instantly replaced one of my other large detailing bag above in the comparison, and I honestly think that this is the best Meguiar’s bag yet. Its wider, deeper and taller than the bag it now replaces. My main storage bag now has a lid that closes and keep things neat and tidy. That’s quite important for a bloke like me with man cave OCD problems. Nothing worse than untidy bottles with things falling out of it.

At last Meguiar’s have made a very good large bag for the professional and the weekend washer like me. The bag has plenty of storage inside and out. The large internal space is customisable to your preference. The zip has finally gotten a much-needed beefy upgrade, a previous weakness in the medium sized Megs bags.

The bag which is designed for the Meguiar’s MT320 DA Polisher (Xtra large kit bag) costs £35, in comparison to this at £50. With this bag you can open one side ip to fit the machine in it and still have plenty of space for compounds, disc pads, waxes, microfibers all in one place. No need to buy the other bag now.

A nicely done Meguiar’s logo is embroidered to match the black with yellow piping theme going on.

Other Meguiar’s bags I have worth taking a look at;

Meguair’s Xtra Large Storage Kit Bag (aimed at storing their MT320 DA polisher) is reviewed here.

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The alternative branded ‘Mirror Bright’ bag is reviewed here.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Absolutely, Meguiar’s best bag yet.

Would I buy it again? Yes without question. As it’s well made, I doubt I will need to for quite a while though.

Note: No I’m not sponsored by Meguiar’s, and yes I did buy this bag with my own money.

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