Meguiar’s Detailer Bag

Cost: £18 to £25

Date of Review: 3/11/2018

The Sales Pitch from Clean your Car:

Meguiar’s  have designed a kit bag to transport your full Meguiar’s  collection.

The Meguiar’s Detail Kit Bag is of canvas construction including two interior net pockets and a larger front pocket, with embroidered Meguiar’s logo.

  • Heavy duty nylon kit bag.
  • Includes two interior pockets and a larger front pocket.
  • Embroidered Meguiar’s logo with Velcro foot.

What You Get:

A cube sized bag with a zip top lid with double zippers and large front pocket with Velcro flap. Nice embroidered logo much better than a printed logo.


28cms x 30cms x 30cms

Product Description:

A nylon fabric bag that can hold a variety of products.

Strap & Handles:

There is no handles on this bag, just a shoulder strap with a pad. The strap is not removable. The strap runs around the bottom of the bag and is double stitched at the end.


The lid is just a simple design of enough fabric to cover the opening of the bag.


Awful. The plastic zip seems to be very fragile and fine toothed for a larger bag of this type. The double zippers make no difference which way the work. Once the zip is closed it just pops open.

The bag is not under any stress for the zip and should be able to cope with it no problem. Undoing the zip and reclosing will hold, just. But any pressure on the zip or tugging will open the zip up. As a result I have to have the lid left open. The zipper tags are very nice and the best on any bag I have though.


Inside there are open canvas elasticated pocket. The sides and bottom are slightly padded.

The space is capable of holding a large amount of products of different shapes and sizes. The largest bottle I have is indeed a Meguiar’s one litre decanter bottle that holds my mixed (Meguiar’s) degreaser. The size of the bottle sticks up above the top of the bag, but the lid will zip if you are lucky with it in there. A large number of these bottles I suspect will cause issues of the lid closing.


There is only one real pocket at the front of the bag where the large embroidered flap will cover it. It’s a slim design and can hold brushes, gloves or sponge pads but not much more.

The bag will hold all other manufacturers products with ease.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Low score due to the rubbish zip that does work. The good part of the bag is that its deep enough for  most bottles.


I use this bag in the Mustang for the carrying of my car show essentials. That’s the bare minimum that I need for a quick clean at a car show. If the zoo would have worked this would have been a great bag. At the end of the day if you can’t zip the lip up then it’s no use as a bag.

The nicely done Meguiar’s logo is embroidered so no expense spared there. Perhaps there is not enough storage space for a professional or a serious amateur detailer.

If there was some more pockets on the outside then I would give a rating of around 9, if there was a pair of handles maybe more. I would give this bag a 10 if it was double the width.

I hope that my bag just has a faulty zip, and all the others are fine. I am deeply disappointed for that reason.

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Would I recommend it? Yes, but only if on a sale and the zip worked.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but only if very cheap.

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