Day in the man cave!

The weather is not good 🙁

Well, I am starting to get the hump big time with this weather now. I was beginning to think I should build an Ark to get the animals in two by two instead of my Mustang! The rain was so bad that I couldn’t get out onto the car today, let’s just say it was very persistent in trying to get me soaked through and prevent me from going out there. The next best option? Man cave! (My shed in other words,) shed it was to be. When did it stop raining? Just as the sun was going down. Marvelous! It was not a wasted day in the end though, I worked out where to finally put my vice (vise for the USA readers). I have made a few adaptions to it for a quick release version. The review for the vice is here or in the main menu at the top, it’s good bit of kit.

I will try to get out on the Mustang radiator to fit the new shroud or at least start work on the Bumper Stone Guard tomorrow.

Looking forward to a New Year with better things in store for us, with any luck.

Have a good evening everybody and I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

(Just in case you don’t come back before then).

Cheers! And a very Happy New Year.
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