Still excited?

Oh yes, so I just had to share another photo with you.

As you can see from my previous post it was a big day for me on Saturday, it was the very first time I had sat in my car with the wheels moving. OK, so the car was being pushed, but I still had to steer it! (Let me have my moments to dream for a while.)

As I am still chuffed my car is in the garage, I thought I would share this picture of me sitting on the floor of the car as the seat has been taken out. Why no seat? The seat base had collapsed, so my mate Will made a good job of repairing the seat frame for me, it’s now waiting to be re-upholstered. Anyway, what you can’t see is that damn great stupid grin I have on my face 😀

I enjoyed it so much, it brought memories back to me of my first pedal car as a kid. I was excited then, just as I was on Saturday. The only difference this time is that, my metal pedal car looked like my Mustang when I finished with it, but the Mustang will look like the pedal car when I got it; All nice and shiny, like new and ready to hit the road. Not that I was on the road at that age, if you get where I’m coming from that is.

As promised, the car turning wheels with me in it for the very first time.

Wheels are turnin'

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