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Another good weekend..

This weekend has been blessed with the glorious sunshine for a change. Most of my work so far this year has been inside the man cave or the garage, as much as I love my little sanctuaries it’s nice to see some blue sky and daylight. It is surprising the difference it makes, for one, my man cave is not getting another layer of dust in there. Last weekend I treated the underhood with some FE-123 Rust Treatment, I thought it was a good job untill I pushed the car out into the sunshine and had a good look. There were a few bits I had missed so they needed doing which didn’t take to long to put right. The car has not be started for well over three months so I thought it would be a good idea to pump some fresh fuel, oil and water about inside the engine. This time there was a difference, I was going to film it. I have uploaded the video to YouTube, click the image here to take you straight there. Aren’t I good to you?

click here for the link
click here for the link
I managed to get the car out as I say, but I had to get it back into the garage to get the last brake set done and the drive shaft. I managed to push the car back into the garage, from a gravel driveway that sounds easier said than done. I managed to get her on the axle stands and get the wheel off. There was no drum. I knew that as I have already treated it, I’m not sure why he put the wheel back on without the drum but there you go, nothing surprises me about this blokes mechanics skills. I use that term “mechanic skills” in a very tongue in cheek way, more like he should be working on a Little Tikes car to get the basics maybe? Anyway the four retaining nuts were sprayed with Plus Gas and left for a while and I went back to it after a while a tried to get the nuts off. The long-handled Snap On ratchet made light work of it with a satisfying crack of the rust. The process is exactly the same this side and was in an identical state as the other side. Click here for a link to the Drive Shaft Removal & Fitting, or click here for the Rear Brake Drum Rebuild. The oil seal was removed with a lot less hassle this time as I had an internal three-legged three-inch bearing puller to help out. I pushed the bearing puller inside the oil seal and used a mini crow bar to hold it firm. A few light taps with the hammer moved it out little by little. I managed to get the new seal in the axle without any problems and that part of the job is done.
Will, you can now have your large socket back. Cheers mate.
The rest of today was waiting for the rear brake drum repair to dry, again the shoes had put some little groves into the plate. While that was drying I started another little project. My Front Valance Work, I have put some photos up here of the work so far. Part 1 will be the rub down and preparation, Part 2 will be the filling and primer, pretty much like the front Bumper Stone Guard work, click here for that link. Sitting in the sun sanding down on the grass was heaven today. I will rebuild the rear brakes next weekend and put them back on with the drive shaft. If all goes well, may put some silicone brake fluid in to see if I have brakes or not. Time will tell.

OK, so I mentioned the Olympics in the heading, I must admit I don’t watch them apart from the big events, 100m finals, 4 x 100, shooting, boxing, martial arts etc. I’m not into sports unless it has wheels on it with an engine in majority of cases. But the reason I mention them is because the work I done this weekend prompted it, I used my Dewalt Orbital sander on the valance to get the chipped and damaged paint of the valance. I am going to post this work or mini project as a set of photos again in two parts, the first for the strip down and the second for the rebuild.

Click here for the link to the Front Valance Work (part 1), or go to the menu, Photos, body work section for the manual look up.

As I was using the discs and they got torn on wore out I through them on the grass. They made a pattern a little like the Olympic Rings, not intentional of course but it made me smile. So I rearranged them and took a photo of them. Perhaps there is a market for the sand disc art? Perhaps not then.

Tenuous example of Olympic Rings
Tenuous example of Olympic Rings

On a more serious note, I am sad and yet pleased all in the same breath. I am deeply saddened by what happened in Boston, my thoughts and prayers are especially with the families and you all on the other side of “the pond”. I am happy as one of the bombers is dead, and the other is captured. I don’t do politics and religion as a rule but this does deserve a mention. These terrorists who are intent on injuring and murdering innocent lives need to have a lesson taught to them. Their human rights ended when an unprovoked attack killed somebody else. I hope he rots in a cell for a very long time.

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2 thoughts on “Home made olympics

  1. Thank you once again for your ‘inside-out-view” of a Mustang rebuild. Fun fact…I am a huge Olympics fan. So your visual was humorous, creative, and note worthy. Finally, my sincerest appreciation of your thoughts on the terrible happenings in Boston. It is comforting to know that globally there are really nice folks like you.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for the comment. It was a good spectacle the last Olympics I must say, but it caused a lot of chaos trying to get into London and back out again. The rings thing just made me chuckle when i saw them. It was on my mind especially as the London marathon was in progress and the horrible Boston tragedy too a little earlier.
      As for the inside out thing, the photos make for a different perspective instead of all things that polished and shines.
      One day I will polish mine.

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