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This weekend was a chillaxing weekend for a change and I decided to look at some Classic Cars at a Show in the town of Buntingford (UK), each year the organisers manage close the main street and get the cars all parked up along the narrow road. It was my first time there and I doubt it will be my last either as everybody was quite friendly when talking to them about their cars. It was nice to see families out and not just the petrol heads who needed their octane fix! There were hundreds of different cars there from every era. The war years, modern-day cars, hot rods, trucks, kit cars & bike all gleaming in the sun. While I was at the show I meet Adam from Mustang Maniac who was there with one of their new additions to the garage, a lovely 1965 v8 Coupe. I have taken quite a few pictures but these were the better photo’s from all the cars. What took my eye at the car show? A couple of Cobra replicas that were identical except for under the hood area. One was red the other blue. I could only assume (and would like to think) that they were his and hers!

There were some classic Jaguars

Pre War(s) Cars (I think)

War Years (not so sure about the machine gun though!)


Hot Rods & Trucks

Muscle and Mustangs

Classic UK Cars

Some Of The rest


I have also completed my TomTom Go 600 SatNav Review which can be found under the accessories menu. I have managed to get the main information together and user guide that most of the other reviews seem to miss out with some photos of it in use. Most reviewers seem to want to trash this SatNav for some reason. But I want something that works and not just have the function to change colours or the shape of an icon for the car – but these people never they never moan when it takes them down a dirt track because it don’t work properly.

My car:

Most of what I have done on the car today has been in man cave, I have been rubbing down some filler trying to achieve that perfect finish for the paint.

Quick Link: TomTom Go 600 review click here

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13 thoughts on “His & Hers

    1. Hi, That was a small event to some of the others, but the people were really nice there and very family orientated, they weren’t trying to sell you stuff either. We just wandered around and looked at awesome cars.

  1. Wonderful collection of pictures. PS Have recently had the occasion to use two different Tomtoms and LOVED them. I will check with my BFF on the variety that we used on our trips to Nashville, TN and Springfield, MO. One was certainly better than the other, but both totally worth having!

    1. Thanks Debbie, The pics came out well considering the sunlight on all that lovely chrome was playing tricks with the camera. As for the TomTom I just don’t know what I would do without it. It would be interesting to see the difference between the two that you used, older maps or technology making the difference? I’m intrigued now.

  2. Went to the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village (home of The Henry Ford). Took loads of pictures. Most cars were Model T’s. Then I proceeded to accidentally delete all of them!!! Oh well, the mustang show is next weekend and I know you would enjoy those pics better!!!

    1. One day it will be, I can’t wait for that day. It seems so far away sometimes when I think just how much more work there is to do. Each little job is a step closer though.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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