Helmingham Hall Car Show 2017 (Part 2)

The Helmingham car show is a large popular event every year and is always well represented from all manner of cars being represented. I spotted a Falcon, but not the sort with wheels! This year there was some birds of prey doing some training and display work which was amazing to watch. Unfortunately my photography skills are lacking when it comes to trying to capture these beautiful creatures in flight.

The birds were kept well away from little hands trying to touch them. Such beautiful creatures and i never realised how big the golden eagle was!

So on to the cars, again there is no real logic for the photos, just they are in batches as I was walking around.

A car I knew very little about this ‘Imperial – Le Baron’, quite what a huge presidential car is doing in the UK I’m not so sure, but I loved it! Anybody else know and could let me know.

I just loved this Chevy in turquoise blue, such a nice looking car.

After I wandered back from the first couple fields with cars in I took a couple of more pics of my little lady.

The final installment will be in another couple of days. I’m hoping to get some Semi Pro photography of my car to post, the only trouble is that is was so busy you couldn’t get a clean uncluttered shot! But, looking at the samples they look pretty good.

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12 thoughts on “Helmingham Hall Car Show 2017 (Part 2)

  1. That Imperial, based on its so-called fuselage body, is from the early 1970’s. The LeBaron was an upuper trim level for the Imperial. The presidential seals are obviously add-on’s. To my recollection, the U.S. Secret Service was only using heavily armored cars after JFK’s assassination in 1963. Nice car, though. It’s HUGE by anyone’s standards.

  2. Very nice shots of the birds. They are cool. The Eagle is a huge bird, I see a lot of Bald Eagles here, where I am from, but, I don’t see many Golden ones, unless they are part of a zoo or sanctuary.
    Interesting to see American military vehicles over there, but, I guess a lot where left after WWII.
    The Presidential car is interesting. Wish I knew more about it and could tell you, but, I don’t.
    Your “little lady” looks really nice, love seeing it.

  3. It was Donald Trump in the imperial,did you not see him?😆😆😆
    Belongs to Martin Bingham.

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