Am I Cursed Or Jinxed?

This car show is how it should be, cars that are at least twenty years old with nothing before 2000 was allowed in. I hate to say it, but a few still sneaked in! Some recent car shows I have been to there are three or four year old cars on show. If I wanted to see cars like that I would just walk around a superstore car park on a Sunday! Anyway, rant over; this car show was held at Stonham Barns which is about twenty minutes drive from where I live. The weather forecast was promising with only thirty percent chance of rain. The sky looked good, so I decided to go for it. The show was packed and there was lots of variation of cars still arriving at the cut of point of ten o’clock. I parked up and decided to go for a look around before the general public was allowed in.

There was some nice auto jumble stalls which I spent a little while looking around. It’s funny, that when I was looking for stuff like this – I could never find it!

So as is the norm now, in no particular order except that I started at the furthest end of the field and worked back towards my car.

There was a nice club that was showing some nice UK Fords,

Plenty of Americana represented as well,

Some old school beauties,

On the way back to the car there it was, a spot of rain. I walked quicker and it seemed the faster I walked the more it rained. I bumped into a friend of mine David who was walking towards me on his way back to his car, he said “I’m not coming to any more car shows where you go, it always f…..g rains where you turn up.” Said in the best of humour and we laughed as we passed. As I got back to the car it was pouring quite hard and I spotted this;

I checked my app and it said it would rain, it wasn’t wrong. I hung around for about half an hour with no signs of it stopping. With that decided that I had had enough of looking at my car getting wet.

The only good thing is that my Chemical Guys P40 Quick Detailer was beading brilliantly. I have reviewed it here, if you are interested.

Now here’s the thing, I had the right hump and got in my car and started the drive home. This is no word of a lie here, as I pulled into my own village the sun came out and started to pour heat rays all around. I pulled straight onto the drive and watched the sun cast shadows everywhere as I dried the car from the remaining few spots of rain. So I arrive at a show it rains, I leave a show and the sun starts to shine. So who ever has the rain cloud effigy of me, please can you give me a break (not literally obviously). I’m really starting to get a complex now.

Am I cursed or jinxed? I honestly think so! 🙁

The remaining part of the day wasn’t wasted as managed to do a bit of work on my car in the sun which I will go into on the next post.

The best part of the day, while I was there that is, was that I spotted my local Meguiar’s products retailer. I was speaking to them and they said that they had some samples. Great, so I had one of each of course, so what do you do with the samples?

You pour the samples into the products you already have. Most samples don’t give you enough for what you want to do with them to be honest, but this way you can make proper use of them.

You saw it hear first 😉 

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6 thoughts on “Am I Cursed Or Jinxed?

  1. At least you’ve got a roof, I got soaked on the way back from breakfast at Old Buckenham – the rain was running down the inside of my glasses! All part of the fun!

  2. If you lived out here where we get around 8 inches of rain a year, and every car show you entered it rained, I would say you are jinxed. But given you live in Wet and Rainy England, I’m not sure you can honestly call yourself cursed. But I get your frustration. There was a great selection of classics in that show you were able to photograph before the rain. It looks like there was a good showing of XKEs. Do you remember Jan & Dean’s song “Dead Man’s Curve”? It’s about a race into dead man’s curve between a Stingray and an XKE. It was an autobiographical song, at least about crashing the Stingray. I see a Triumph GT6 in there. We had a Triumph GT6+ hardtop in the early 70’s. I drove it out to California for my brother the first year I got my drivers license. I love the old tiny cars. The three wheelers are adorable. It’s funny to think when BMW, FIAT and others were building those tiny cars. Cadillacs had boobs on their bumpers nearly as big as those tiny cars.

    1. Thanks for comment Timothy, I will look up the song as I haven’t heard of it before. The Triumph owners tend to show up in numbers, unfortunately I cant get in them as im 6’4″ I must admit the micro car club was a lot of fun, I would like of had a go in one. I suspect the little BMW would fit in the trunk of those massive Cadillacs.
      I was at a car show today and it was I was looking for shade! Wet & rainy England when you look at it like that any sunny day is a bo us!

      1. I have a friend who is 6’7″ who had a Spitfire that fit him. I was surprised.

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