Why I Don’t Like Facebook…

My first post of year will discover that I have been trying to sort out a problem. So I apologise for not posting before now. I have run out of time and ideas to fix the problem, so I’m now screwed basically and really angry.

So problem for me is Facebook, it’s the root of evil as far as I’m concerned. Those that know me will know exactly where I’m going with this as I might have mentioned it once or twice before to them!

I use Fb because I have to it’s an evil I have to tolerate. I don’t post pictures of my breakfast, meals I’m about to eat, I’m not posting that I’m going for a walk look at me and this tree, here is my new jumper I got in the sales, here I am buying a pint of milk, I don’t want to play Candy Crush with you, I don’t want to send you coins for what ever game you are playing etc. I might if you’re lucky respond to a page with a comment on some posts, or even a ‘like’. My life is just too full on to read drivel like that to be honest.

My dislike for Fb is now a fully fledged hatred with venom. Now I must say that I don’t have any objections to people keeping in touch with each other with Fb – that’s great so you carry on. If you want to brag about the thousands of friends you have but never meet them – then you carry on. I’m not saying that the app should be removed, but I am saying it has become to big for its boots. The world will be a better place without it as they monitor what you can and can’t say. Their view is the only view and if they don’t like you then you get banned for thirty days. In my case it’s much worse:

On Christmas Day 2021 (genuine truth here), I got an email telling me that my account and page “one man and his mustang” will be deleted on 26th Feb 2022. Epic well done Fb, that didn’t ruin my break then – not! The reason for my o so serious crime? I have a grey account and that’s not allowed – anymore. I have to use a real name now to get the account. So those idiots at Fb allowed me to set up the business page account way back when I started bloggin’ more or less. It’s not just me it’s others as well in the same sinking boat. Now because they changed the rules I have to sort their problem out they so graciously bestowed on me. Just for the record, I have owned (well I did until yesterday officially), this account for just over nine years. In that time I had never received any warnings, strikes, bans or anything like it, nothing. But oh no, the Facebook police deem a grey account to be a bad thing now. On my page there was no politics, no hate speech, no animals being harmed, no cutting down of trees, it’s just a fifty-something year old bloke sharing his passion and trying to help others with an information page.

So over the holidays I done a bit of research, the general consensus was that you can save your ‘Fb Page’ data and reuse it. Awesome, so I book marked that ‘how too’ website and put it to the back of my mind until the early January weekends when things calmed down a bit. I could then be in a situation to sort it all out and make it a smooth transition without anybody noticing. I logged in on a rainy afternoon and got a nightmare, before I even begun trying to sort anything out. They had removed my “Admin” profile to my own page. What the actual …..! This means that I can’t do anything with it at all, nothing. I can log in, I can’t post, I cant read anything, I cant do anything. I got a blank screen where everything was gone except for a little note ‘account temporarily unavailable’. What the hell does that mean? I couldn’t save anything no matter what I tried.

Panic set in after a while trying everything I knew and help forums. I phoned a friend, we talked through it all, we drew a blank. He suggested that I report the issue to ‘something has gone wrong’. So I did just that, after a week – nothing. I then used another account that I am an admin for to report the error with screen shots explaining the problem – Nothing. I reported it to the Business Suite App – Nothing. I tried different browsers, Google, Edge, Fire Fox, Opera, Android, even a Mac OS – ALL nothing. I even emailed Mark Zuckerberk (yes that’s my spelling), on various email addresses – Nothing. I reached out to some forums where I was eventually given the details a ‘person’ (more like pond life), this guru would ‘recover the account’. This plankton was based in America. I enquired as desperate measures were closing in on the due to be deleted date; I would need to send him £250 via PayPal ‘Friends & Family’ upfront, to a temporary PayPal account – yeah right! The bloke was a scammer dirt ball – I will post up the screen shots of the app conversation, well – the bits I can put up for a family page. He threatened to hack my account and delete everything (it was going to be deleted anyway, so not bothered) and also from my Instagram account as well. Things got a bit brutal with back and forth messages. Some of you who follow my Instagram may have seen the posts and wondered what was going on. Needless to say I never got my account recovered.

So, I’m losing my page with 2110 likes, all my previous posts and comments. To say I’m absolutely gutted is an understatement of the year so far. I’m not a trend setter or influencer, I’m just one man and his Mustang!

I’m now trying to sync my WordPress site to Facebook and I will have to start all over again on Fb. Hopefully this post will appear on the Fb page too after the test post earlier. If it doesn’t, I may have to do a couple more test posts. However, it looks like my last test post did arrive on the ‘new’ page.

I’m going to be a bit cheeky now and ask my wonderful readers if could you pop over to my “new” page (which has the same ‘old’ name if that makes sense), and like the new page. If there are any problems please can you let me know and I will pour myself another beer and go cry in it (again).

From what I can see my original Fb page has just changed to “scheduled for deletion” with a different date now. I have no idea what the Facebook muppets are up to, I’m just sick of them.

Once again I’m sorry for the rant, but that’s the reason I haven’t posted until now.

The hyper link to the “new” FB page: One man and his Mustang Facebook Page or click the image below.

New Magnetic Cowl Covers for ’67 – ’68 Mustang all models.

I have been busy creating things during my time off over the holidays. I’m now pleased to say that I have now got a small first batch of 1967 – 1968 Mustang Magnetic Cowl Covers in stock. These are available in Carbon effect vinyl and also plain gloss white for your own ideas or wraps.

The ones that gave me the idea on eBay are pretty bad, the quality is acceptable, but the fit? They sort of fit in the grill recess and are not secure with limited magnetic hold. How do I know this? Well I bought a set and tried them out on a ’67 for myself with a view to making my own! These are rubbish design and fit.

My revised design is immediately evident they are bigger and will give a full cowl coverage, they adhere much better due to the extra magnetic material used all around the grill opening itself. My design works out a tiny bit more expensive then the 64 – 66 version. The £2 difference is due to the time they take to make as there are two parts to the 67 – 68 cowl as there is a ridge that runs down the middle of the grill and hood.

You can order the 64 – 66 magnetic grill covers here

You can order the 67 – 68 magnetic grill covers here

I am working on the 69 – 70 cowl covers too, I’m on template revision four, I expect the first prototype cuts to be ready in a couple of weeks.

Sorry for the long post and read. But it’s car show soon then it will be more pics and not many words!

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8 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Facebook…

  1. Hi Charlotte, not sure why you had to put in your details again, sorry. What a real pain for you but glad you got sorted though. It seems as though FB needs to pick its battles and help more. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  2. I ditched Fb and Linkedin a while back. Give it a week and you’ll have forgotten about it and realised how much time you wasted on those platforms. Maybe do what I’m doing and create your own website. Your followers will go with you and you’re back in control.

    1. Thanks Nigel, I don’t do LinkedIn anyway so that’s not a problem. I see FB as something I have to do, I wouldn’t mind, but they are on your case for anything they don’t agree with, but when you have a problem it’s total radio silence.

  3. Blimey what a sad story mate!!! I too hate FB and always have, and it took me ages to delete my page when I realized that I did not want it!!! Terrible!!!

    1. The irony is I done nothing wrong and they want to delete it. They didn’t even give me the chance to add my name and make it compliant. My dream is to see Mark ZuckerberK lose everything and be skint.

  4. I had to put in full details to leave you this message? Facebook and the lack of control you have over your page is upsetting. I got hacked and managed to recover it, I even walked crying to the facebook office in London and got turned away by their security guard. My MP helped me. Hope you get your followers back and it gets sorted out.

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