Culford Classic Car Show 2022

Sunday 10th July was a show that I look forward to each year which is held at Culford in Suffolk. The venue is held within the Culford School grounds. This prestigious private school warrants full boarding fees in excess of £30k a year. This is a stunning school and from what I understand, wants for nothing.

The school opens their grounds once a year to allow a car show in aid of various charities. The show is well organised and always booked up well in advance.

On the day of the show the sun was out bright and early so I packed plenty of cold drinks in the cooler bag. The drive there was tranquil and I saw lots of cars on their way and for some reason we all seemed to wave or acknowledge each other, perhaps it was the sun that put everybody in a good mood. I certainly wasn’t going to complain at that. I arrived early at the school main gates just after eight. The Bury Retro Car Club had set up their area with a flag. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the flag at the time when the marshal asked me where I was going. He tried to tell me to park my Mustang on the Ford Capri stand, I just agreed with him and ignored him heading for area “C” where the club was supposed to be. I found them pretty much straight away and looked for a place to park amongst the allocated spaces. I had a choice, in the shade under a huge tree, or in the sun. Although the tree option would be great, it took me a fair while to remove the tree sap from the last tree I was parked under. Reluctantly I parked up and the factor fifty sun cream was applied even at that early time of the day before I started the gentle wipe over of my car to remove the road dust.

During the day I took over four hundred photos, but I whittled it down to just under a couple of hundred on this post. I take my pictures on my phone which is now a Samsung S22 Ultra.The photos are normally spot on, but with the bright sun, reflections, contrast and exposures etc. I did the best I could to make them presentable.

There was a great selection of cars, some of which I have photographed a few times before. The first batch of cars are starting with the club stand or area.

I wandered around in no particular order aimlessly taking pictures enjoying the sun and cars.

Although there were Mustangs scattered around all over the show, I collated them here.

There was a section near the school of super cars so I have grouped those together as well. Although the Lamborghinis weren’t in the line of Ferraris, I added them in, just because I can.

There was a BMW sales stand there which sort of goes against the classic car show ethos. There was also some cars for sale from the sponsors of the show, they were allowed in my opinion.

Back to wondering around again.

A very nice GT40, not real obviously.

A couple of nice Alpine BMWs that you don’t see many around these days.

These two cars I have seen around a few times, but never seen them driven anywhere tho.

A great looking Cobra

I eventually got back to my car after a much needed detour via the hot sausage in a roll van I might add, and got my chair and show board out. A little while later I was greated with a friend of mine Steve Armon from Trig Point Pictures, he brought along a signed Limited Edition “Mates Mustang” print for me. I stood it up against my show board with a few of his business cards to show case his work. I had a few questions asked about it and said that they really needed to speak to Steve for prices and availability of a shoot as I know he’s a busy bloke.

As the sun was out the reflections just don’t do the print justice. When I got home I stood it on our fireplace to take a better picture. My wife isn’t really into cars, but she likes it so much it has stayed on the mantle piece since I put it there. I’m in no rush to move it.

Steve had messaged me to ask if I was going to be at the show and he said he would catch up with me there sometime during the day.

The picture was one that was taken from the Cambridge shoot we did together early in the morning. I even use one of the pictures from that session as my header photo!

Thank You Steve for the print.

I’m not on a commission (before you ask), but if you want some real nice pictures of your car or anything else for that matter he has some really good rates.

I was up and down from chair throughout the day speaking to many people and enjoying myself. I returned to my chair to plant my butt down when the chair decided it was going to eat me. A plastic fitting had broken which bent a tube which allowed the arms to move inward and clamp me in place.

To the amusement of some it was comical trying to see me getting out of a chair intent on not allowing me to move. As the show drew to a close I left a little early and took my chair to it’s final resting place.

A new chair has been ordered and will arrive early this week. Anyway, the exit wasn’t as smooth as getting in a and had to queue up. I left plenty of gap to allow cool air to the car as much as possible. It also allowed for a final pic.

I got home and again had to wipe wipe road dust of the car before I tucked her up in the garage. A great day, plenty of sunshine and I bought home a fantastic pic of my car too.

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