Bridge Classic Car Show (part 2)

With the sun making an occasional appearance towards lunchtime the show was in full swing with many cars parking up expanding the car show area. I wandered towards the main hanger where some swing music was the background throughout the day and was rather nice.

The main hanger has storage carcoons which are atmosphere controlled.

Within the hanger were some projects that could be purchased in various states of ‘project’.

Back to the cars that were around this side of the show area.

Here I hound Marts car of the show, this really nice Lancia Fulvia.

The rest of the cars seemed to be parked up, with a couple of cars being pushed into place as they seemed to have broken down. 🙁

I left at around three as I spotted some dark clouds looming the car show’s way. This photo was taken by Bridge Classics. The car’s colour looks a bit teal coloured, I sort of like it!

About ten minutes after I left the dreaded spots of rain hit the windscreen, I decided to go the longer route home, but would be faster as it was all dual carriageway. The rain stopped as I headed in a Westerly direction, but when the road twisted and turned it was as if I drove back into the rain again. I started to speed up in order to outrun the rain, it was sort of working with the wind buffeting which was drying the car going along. The roads were still dry so there was no spray to deal with. It wasn’t until I was a couple of miles away from home that the rain finally caught up with me. I drove straight into the garage where I dried the car and made sure the dehumidifier was on full pelt to take the moisture out of the air. The warm engine would help keep the garage moisture levels down too. I turned it back to normal a few hours later in the evening. I had almost gotten away with it, if I had of left quarter of an hour earlier I would have maybe missed it. But, then I would have gone the scenic route home and then I would have got rained on regardless. Lets just say that my journey was rather enthusiastic on the way home and a trip to the petrol station is certainly required for the next car show, that’s all I’m saying.

To finish up the rest of my ‘runway’ shoot!

A great show and I would go again for sure. Such a variety of cars without the pop and banging exhaust boys there. I spoke to some amazing people again and I even had an old friend from my old place of work come to say hello too.

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4 thoughts on “Bridge Classic Car Show (part 2)

  1. From Minis to Muscle Cars, a terrific display of design and style, which you don’t see in cars these days when so many look alike —and boring!

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