Auto Finesse Micro Tweed Cloth

Cost: £4

Date of Review: 7th October 2018

The Sales Pitch from Auto Finesse:

The Auto Finesse Micro Tweed microfibre towels have been designed with a unique weave to prevent residue from clogging while wiping, to reduce the risk of marring paintwork.


What You Get:

A lilac coloured heavy duty semi open weave cloth.

Cloth size 400mm x 400mm

Product Description:

This cloth is another premium cloth from Auto Finesse with a specific purpose. The edges are soft sewn cotton wrap to prevent harsh edges and fraying. The weave is open and you can just about see through it.


This designed to buff up some hard waxes without clogging like some microfibres do. I have used this to remove hard waxes when too much has been applied (by me in error as I didn’t know the product at the time). Normal microfiber cloths especially deep pile like the following can get clogged up with excessive wax and unable to buff properly.

Auto Finesse Primo Plush see here for review

Auto Finesse Ultra Plush see here for review

This cloth wiped away some overly applied wax without a problem and so easy to do a final buff after that. During use there was no dragging with this cloth unlike some other cheaper microfiber cloths where the product can build up within the fibres.

This picture here shows the cloth after removing the worse of the wax.

Rating: 10 out of 10


I don’t think I would use this cloth on correctly applied waxes although there is no reason why you can’t, but if any product has dried hard in the sun and a normal cloth won’t remove  it, then this is the answer. I won’t mark the paintwork and it’s firm enough to remove all types of wax. Perhaps not a buffing cloth in the normal sense of microfibers but it works very well.

Would I recommend it? Yes, for those hard to remove products.

Would I buy it again? Yes, it’s a good back up cloth, but I suspect it wont be used that often as I prefer the Primo & Ultra plush cloths.

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