Auto Finesse Primo Plush Microfiber

Cost: £5  (deals can be had for bulk purchases from Auto Finesse)

Date of Review: 20th October 2018

The Sales Pitch from Auto Finesse:

The Auto Finesse Primo Plush cloth has a deep fluffy pile both sides, with black micro-suede edging for scratch-less detailing, perfect for quick detailing tasks, dusting down and even soaking up water. Primo Plush is also perfect for that final buff-off.


What You Get:

A Yellow deep fibre cloth

Size:  400mm X 600mm

Weight:  600GSM

Product Description:

A premium microfiber cloth that puts all others to shame for quality and size. You can buy microfiber cloths anywhere now days, mostly in bulk packs. They sort of do the job OK, but you honestly get what you pay for. I have had some that were so rough I used them to mop up oil drips on the floor, they were that good bad. These are sumptuous in comparison and are almost the heaviest fibre I have used to date, compared to the Auto Finesse Ultra Plush cloths. As reviewed here

It’s so difficult to describe a texture but I think I can do it in pictures though. Unfold the cloth from the packet and you can see the size is huge and feels heavy.

The hand print test is clearly visible

Size Comparison:

Both the premium microfibre cloths from Auto finesse are the same price, however you trade one against the other, more fibre less size.

400mm x 600mm for this cloth and 400 x 400 for the Ultra Plush


A brilliant cloth and super absorbent. Between the Ultra and the Primo cloths this is my preferred cloth because of the size, but it’s close run thing.

The edges of the cloths are sewn with a soft cotton material to avoid any harsh edges and stop fraying. There is no logo tag on them either to drag over your paintwork.

There is no fibre loss during use and there is plenty of cloth to turn over for a fresh piece of buffing.

Rating: 10 out of 10


A seriously great cloth that should be used for the final and premium part of the cleaning process. Much to good for anything other than top quality buffing.

Place this cloth next to another premium cloth and you will see the difference.

A cost of a single cloth here will buy you a pack of ten budget cloths. But once you use these you wont go back to cheap cloths again.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Without a doubt.

Would I buy it again? Yes. They are a lot of money each, but make much more sense to buy them in bulk from the supplier or Auto Finesse.

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