Bare Bones

Cost: £10

Date of Review: 6/5/2018

The Sales Pitch from Chemical Guys:

  • Restores rich black shine to fender liners and undercarriage parts
  • Delivers a brilliant shine in seconds
  • Cleans, restores, shines, and protects
  • All-weather UV protection
  • Also great for tires and trim
  • Improved longevity
  • Ultra Refined formula penetrates faster delivering a deep new shine
  • Formulated for fender well liners, undercarriage and tires
  • Delivers longer lasting deep black finish
  • Also available in Gallon size

Chemical Guys Bare Bones is a premium undercarriage spray dressing specifically formulated to protect and enhance hard-to-reach areas like the wheel wells, subframes, springs, and fender liners. The sprayable formula restores the original shine back to any vehicle’s trim and undercarriage. Bare Bones covers undercarriage surfaces to protect and enhance in one easy step. The oil-based dressing restores faded undercarriage and trim surfaces back to like-new condition. Bare Bones is designed using advanced UV solar protection, which enhances and protects undercarriage and trim surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun. The sprayable dressing is not just for undercarriages, Bare Bones also works great on plastic, rubber, vinyl, tires, and bumper covers. The premium dressing repels dirt, dust, and moisture for improved durability. Once Bare Bones is applied, the surface is protected, enhanced, and dry to the touch. Great for giving lifted trucks a perfectly detailed undercarriage. Perfect for achieving the finest details on show winning cars. Bare Bones makes detailing any undercarriage a quick and easy job. Restore the original shine back to any undercarriage with Bare Bones Dark Shine Undercarriage Spray.


What You Get:

A single bottle of 16oz (473ml) With Sprayer

Product Description:

This is designed for the under and less visible parts of the car. Once the car is clean there is the question of do I clean anything else. If you are like me then I do. I clean the suspension arms and the sway bar etc. just because I can. What happens is that after a while things go grey and not the pristine black that it once was. If only there was something to do that with minimal effort. Wipe on – wipe off.

The perfect detail starts with Chemical Guys Bare Bones and the Bare Bones is your undercarriage, the stuff you don’t see that silently awaits underneath your cars.

Detailing your undercarriage is just as important as detailing the paint.  Wheel wells, sub-frame, springs, fender well and all of the other black and gray parts underneath the body need some love too. A quick spray of Chemical Guys Bare Bones Spray not adds shine, but also repels dirt but can also hide dirty spots and discolouration between parts, while enhancing any Job.

The deep dark finish of Bare Bones adds the perfect finishing touches to any job. Formulated with UV light absorbers to block the damaging effects of the sun.


Best If used on clean surface. Spray and wipe if needed after a detail or even a quick wash.


According to the instructions you should clean the underside and then spray the solution. The under side of my car is pretty clean and is often wiped down. So for me it was a simple task. Spray on what I wanted it to be on. The first thing that gets you is the smell, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the smell of berries was a pleasant surprise.

The spray nozzle is the twist style off/spray scenario.

At this point I twisted and squirted, what I got was a single get of solution that bounced of the surface and all over the floor. I was expecting a spray mist. So I turned the end to the other spray and tried again. This time I got the expected mist. Now I was happy. The jet means that I can squirt this into harder to reach places. Result. Now Chemical Guys says that if you have harder to reach places to use a brush or similar to work it into those areas.

From what I have seen you can’t over apply the product. All that happens is that it runs and drips to the floor. This product is oil based and will cause issues if it’s all over your drive. I know that cause my misses had a mental when she saw my little puddles on the drive. The product sticks to what you spray it to. Dead simple.

These are the wheel arches and chassis parts before and after.


There is no need to remove it if you want the shiny “wet” look. But if you want the more matt look just gently dab it away with a microfiber cloth. There is no point it trying to rub it off. The sheer nature of where you are spraying makes it difficult to clean the components such as the suspension parts.


It’s promised that you spray and it looks black. I was super sceptical although the reviews all say the contrary that the product is good.

My results were exactly what they said. It was black where I sprayed it. Nothing more can be said that it does what it says it will do. Where I have silver detail on the lower suspension arms and white shocks on the car they stayed their natural colours but a little more glossy. As this is an oil base it can’t hurt to have extra sealant on the car.

How long will this last? That for me is the question. Will the rain wash it all off and leave an oil slick behind me. Or will the dirt stick to the coating is yet to be decided. I applied the product and parked the car up to allow it to dry and cure.

How much did I use? I used a little under half a bottle doing my car. That was four wheel arches and the front end on the suspension components as well.

Rating: 10 out 10

I don’t like to give full marks and will try to pick holes in what I review. But this product does what it says it will do and I can’t fault that.

The spray nozzle had a jet and spray instead of two sprays – bothered? Nope the exact opposite in fact. I wish the manufacturers would do just that, give us the option to spray or jet. In high winds you don’t want a fine mist and it don’t hit what you are trying to apply it to, so a jet would be better.

This is a solution slightly thicker than water but it will run if you get too much on.

Ease of use10 Spray on and its done.

Finish10 Black, grey went to black, and non-black stuff stayed the colour it was meant to be.

Would I recommend it? Yes definitely

Would I buy it again? Yes definitely.


I can’t say for sure that it will stay the colour for a long time. I suspect that will be ideal for the concurs boys or show and shine boys. After a drive this will make the car look like it has just rolled of the production line, providing the metal is clean of course. I had a small line of dirt around the wheel arch which I left on purpose and then sprayed with the Bare Bones. The dirt line was covered and you couldn’t see the mark. So again an ideal solution for the car show boys who want that little extra look.

A great product for now. I intend to revisit this review after I have driven the car for a while. I may well then amend the score.


Update: 28/5/2018

The car was taken on a 120 mile round trip to a car show, this was over motorway, a grass field, through rain and sat in the sun too.

The undercarriage black is now a satin more natural look and not the oily shine it was. Nothing has stuck to the paint yet and I was expecting it to be dirty. In fact it looks the same as it did before I left. I am happy with the product so far. I suspect that eventually it will need a re application at some point. perhaps before I put her away for the winter as little extra protection?

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