Chemical Guys – Cherry Wet Wax

Cost: between £15 and £24 – Shop around!

Date of Review: 5th August 2019

The Sales Pitch from Chemical Guys:

Cherry Wet Wax is a natural Brazilian carnauba cream wax with proprietary gloss enhancers and wetting agents that makes any car shimmer deeply and glow intensely.

Use This Wax To:

  • Replicates the wet shimmering glow of fresh ripe cherries
  • Makes any paint color glisten and shine with intensity
  • Protects against contamination, pollution, and harmful natural elements
  • Repels UV rays that fade and discolor paintwork
  • Restore glass smooth feeling on glossy surfaces
  • Shields paint, glass, clear plastic, and polished metals

That Perfect Blend of Warmth and Sparkling Shine

Natural ingredients give the best results, Cherry Wet Wax is blended with all-natural Brazilian carnauba. Car enthusiasts and professional detailers have turned to Brazilian carnauba wax for its signature warm, wet, and lustrous shine for over 100 years. Carnauba comes from a palm tree that grows in the rainforests of Brazil where this wax protects the fragile leaves of the plant from harsh UV sunlight. Nature knows how to make beautiful depth and brilliant shine best, so Chemical Guys only blends every bottle of Cherry Wet Wax with pure carnauba.

Durable Protection Preserves Paintwork

The elements do everything they can to destroy your car’s painted finish. UV sunlight, pollution, industrial fallout, bugs, birds, water, and abrasive dirt scratch paint, fade colors, and ruin shine on every paint color. Cherry Wet Wax is a natural wax that protects as it shines. Wax works by filling in the tiny microscopic pores of paintwork. Once the tiny peaks and valleys are smoothed over, dirt, debris, and water have a hard time sticking to the surface.

Versatile Formula That’s Easy To Work With

For Cherry Wet Wax, the application methods are simple: spread a thin, even coat by hand or machine one panel at a time. With Cherry Wet Wax, the applications are limitless: spread the smooth cream wax over any exterior surface that is shiny or clear. Protect paintwork with a glistening wet shine; repel rainwater and washer fluid from windshield and windows; keep chrome and polished metal wheels and bumpers shining brilliantly with pure reflection; the possibilities are endless.


What You get:

16oz bottle with a spray trigger.

Product Description:

A sprayable 100% Carnuba spray wax.


From Chemical Guys

  1. Shake bottle well.
  2. Spread a thin, even coat over the surface with a premium microfiber or foam applicator.
  3. Use this wax on shiny and clear exterior car parts, like paint, glass, clear plastic, and polished metals.
  4. Buff off residue with a soft microfiber towel.
  5. For machine application, place 4 – 6 dots of wax on a soft foam finishing pad and spread it over the car one panel at a time.
  6. Only use a dual action polisher and do not exceed speed setting 3.


After a good old shake the smell from the wax is just edible, but once you start to use the product that smell quickly disappears to the more traditional old school wax smell. The trigger is adjustable to get the right spray, it took me a little while to get it to mist fine, but I still got the odd drip from the spray.

Using a applicator sponge to spread evenly over the panel wasn’t difficult, but it’s difficult to apply the layers thin enough as recommended.

I found that as applying to more panels the less you should use, at one point I applied to much. Especially on the the bonnet (hood), I left this deliberately to see how it buffed off. Eventually the coverage was more uniform and thin as I could get it. You can just about make it out on the roof.

Nothing is mentioned about cure time. So I did a bit of both, working around the car I left it to cure on the first panels and then buffed straight away on the last panel.


Using a premium microfiber cloth I got to work on the boot (trunk). The wax wipped of easily. The arrows show the removed and the remaining wax.

I did find that cloth was picking up plenty of excess, probably down to my over application. It’s easy to see the slightly pink residue.

Frequently turning of the cloth will prevent drag when removing. A single wipe down the middle of the hood which was the first applied panel shows how easy it was to remove. If you look carefully at the wipe down the middle shows a very slight smear, a secondary light buff will remove the mark easily.

The product wipes of easily from the glass and metal as stated. There was some product on the plastic, this did tarnish a little it wasn’t a full on white streak.

I found that the product would build up in gaps and uneven areas. This pic below shows a rear arch stick on plastic protector. The wax was a little more difficult to buff off and required more attention. If you don’t, the pink edge can be clearly seen, although it didn’t show to well in the pic.


Very good. The gloss was deep and smooth to the touch. I thought the hype for the ‘dripping wet’ look was not quite up to the result by hand, or up to the levels of a high quality paste wax(s) out there.

The cost is not as economic as a hard wax paste and I have applied to the Toyota twice and used just under a quarter of a bottle. I think I have applied way to much each time to be honest. Applied correctly I reckon you could get 12 – 15 cars out of the bottle.

Rating: 8 out 10

Ease of use – 8 out 10

Finish – 8 out 10


To get a thin even coat is the key. I reckon that this product would be much better if applied by a DA, giving much better results than by hand. However, not many people have a DA just to wax a car when hand application is just as good on some products. The trigger was not the best for this product and I think application to the sponge via a spout would have been better, then apply it to the surface which would be easier to achieve the thin coat. 

Multiple clean quality cloths for buffing is also a good idea, which makes the buffing a lot easier with no wax drag.

Not a bad wax by any means, especially if you can get it cheap. However I don’t think this is as good as a paste wax. But, the finish is very good for a spray on wipe off product. Not quite the dripping wet as I was hoping for.

On a positive note, the UV protectants will help the paint in prolonged sunlight.

Note: if the product is 100% carnuaba wax, what percentage are the additives? Just saying!

Would I recommend it? Yes, for the spray wax enthusiast.

Would I buy it again? No. Not bad results. But this is not the best spray wax I have used.

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