Chemical Guys – EcoSmart RU

Cost: £10

Date of Review:  27th May 2019

The Sales Pitch from Chemical Guys:


  • The Ultimate Complete Detail in a bottle
  • Superior shine and protection that lasts
  • Wash, wax and protect in one step
  • Not just a wash – a waterless detailing system
  • Can be used on paint, wheels, windows and more
  • Perfect for all car colors
  • For Paint, Fiberglass, Metal, Glass, Clear Plastic, and more
  • The Waterless Detailing Solution
  • Fast Easy and Eco Friendly
  • For all autos, airplanes, motorcycle, coats, boats, bikes, etc.
  • Designed to produce a scratch-free, swirl-free shine
  • Works best with the Atomizer or heavy duty sprayer

What You Get:

A 16oz bottle with a quality trigger. The EcoSmart suffix of “RU” means Ready-to-Use. There is an alternative to this version which comes in the same size bottle, but it’s the Concentrate variable which will make up 2 gallons when mixed for around £20 which is a really good deal.

Product Description:

EcoSmart was formulated from the ground up, and it is the first waterless detailing system of its kind. Once sprayed, the unique formula of EcoSmart lifts and separates dirt from the surface, suspending it in a unique blend of hyper-surfactants, natural carnauba wax, and slick lubricating agents. Once suspended, the various contaminants that covered your vehicle’s beautiful finish can be safely and easily wiped away with a soft microfiber towel.


The green eco-friendly solution to a complete auto detail has finally arrived! EcoSmart is the ultimate solution to washing, waxing, and protecting any vehicle in minutes. EcoSmart cleans, shines, and protects without wasting time or water! EcoSmart is the easy to use car care product that you simply spray on, wipe away dirt and contamination, then buff to a clean high-gloss shine. With EcoSmart, you can clean, shine, and protect your entire vehicle without using any running water, wash buckets, or garden hose. EcoSmart can be used virtually anywhere, any time, wet or dry, or in the sun or shade. It’s more than just a car wash product—it’s a complete detailing system in a bottle.


Spray onto the surface covering the whole area and then gently wipe in one direction to remove the dirt and debris. You don’t need to rub hard to remove the dirt. Once you have removed the dirt from the paint swap over to a clean microfiber cloth and buff to a shine.


The car was dirty. Really dirty in fact and hadn’t been cleaned for a few weeks on the wife’s daily driver, and to make things worse; the car is black. Under all the dirt anyway.

There was a sand and fine grit all over the car.


After a good even coverage I used a deep pile cloth to wipe away the dirt. The product is water consistency and has a pleasant subtle fresh smell to it.

The picture above was just from the front of the car. I couldn’t believe that the product coped with the dirt. It wasn’t going to even clean the cloth, it would bin it. As I doubt the stains would come out.

Always wipe in a single direction with a light pressure and let the product do the work. A single direction means that you don’t spread the dirt back over the paint work again.

I worked around the whole car with frequent turning of the cloth. The product was smooth to remove and didn’t feel it was dragging on the paint. Where the paint was particularly filthy the front leading edge of the nearside fender, it  needed a second spray to pick up the final last remains of the dirt. That wasn’t unexpected as it was bad, but the rest of the car only needed a single wipe off.

I decided to push the limits and do the wheels with the EcoSmart, again pretty bad.

Here the product has been sprayed over the wheel.

Part of the way through the clean.

Tip; where gloves for the wheels as the brake dust got under my nails and looked bad.

The buffing stage was a breeze and didn’t leave any streaks behind. The surface was smooth and silky to the touch.


Very good and so much better than I thought. Even with such a filthy car and under close inspection there was no swirl marks or scratches on the black paint.

The wheels came up brilliantly.

The cloths after the cleaning of the wheels.

A close up of the product and it’s florescent green colour, which I suspect is green for being environment friendly.

The day after the clean it rained and I quickly ran out, grabbed a couple of pictures of the water beading.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Yep, another top mark for a Chemical Guys product. It pains me to give full marks and I always try to find fault. I couldn’t with this product. The car was bad, and this waterless wash made it look like new. I suspect a good spray wax on top of this would have made a nice deep shine. Perhaps the beading could have been a little better, but this was a heavy rain and was coming down hard.

Ease of use – 10  Spray on and wipe off, clean cloth to buff to an effortless shine.

Finish – 10  Amazing considering the state of the car before I started.


A quality product from CG. This worked exactly as it said it would and surpassed my expectations. Those with a sharp eye will see that the product is almost gone as I have been using this regularly and wanted to compare this to another product. This outperforms the other big boy Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless wash and wax. Only just, as this product didn’t streak on the black paint unlike the Meguiar’s product did.

Also this product is environment friendly and you don’t need water to wash your car. Perfect for a quick clean before a trip out, or arriving at your car show to get road grime of your car.

Would I recommend it? Without a doubt. You need to buy this.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I am almost out of the product and I need more. But this time I will buy the concentrate for an even better deal. 

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