Chemical Guys EZ Glaze

Cost: £13

Date of Review:  29 June 2019

The Sales Pitch from Chemical Guys:

EZ Creme Glaze makes any car look extra glossy, shiny, and like the vehicle is still wet after a fresh paint job by filling in light swirls, scratches and other imperfections.

Use This Glaze To:

  • Improve reflection without polishing
  • Maximize brilliant luster
  • Reduce appearance of lighter swirls and scratches
  • Make any car glow, glimmer, and gleam in minutes
  • Spread a coat of shiny candy sparkle

Unique Technology Fills In Light Scratches

EZ Crème Glaze includes innovative Acrylic Shine X self-levelers and fillers that help conceal lighter swirls and scratches that distort reflections and rob your car of shine. Once the scratches are filled, the whole surface appears flatter and better reflects light. EZ Creme Glaze fills imperfections, enhances shine and depth, and makes cars look dripping wet!

EZ Creme Glaze Speeds Up Your Detail

The micro-acrylic formula fills light swirls, scratches, and other imperfections for improved glossy reflection without expensive polishing. Glazing to “fill in” or conceal lighter swirls and defects restores much of the luster and new look to weathered paintwork, but in a fraction the time of longer, time-intensive abrasive polishing and paint correction steps.’


What You Get:

Product Description:

Designed to be a base filler coat to even out the paint and filling in imperfections before the application of a sealer or wax. This is not a swirl or scratch remover, this is in effect, a disguise for paint imperfections.


  1. Squeeze 3 – 5 dots of glaze onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad.
  2. Apply to the entire vehicle in a thin, even coat.
  3. Allow glaze to bond with surfaces for 15 minutes.
  4. Buff off with a premium microfiber towel.
  5. Once removed, allow 30 minutes of cure time before adding a second coat if desired.

Time:  15 – 45 Minutes

Expertise:  Intermediate

Prep:   Clean Surface, Clay bar

It’s worth noting that the bottle’s instructions say apply three thin lines on the application pad. However, the small dots are easier to handle. When I tried the three thins lines it thick lines on the pad.


The product is a thick creme and sort of smells of a lavender type aroma. Certainly not unpleasant and smells of a car product if that makes sense.

I chose a foam filled microfiber pad.

I tried the thin lines, but it’s to thick for that and comes out in excess. The best way is small blobs of product.

I quickly spread the product in lines across the panel then went back over the area and spread application over a small area in small overlapping circles. You need to spread thinly and cover the whole area. This will make removal a dream after it has cured.

Allow the product to haze on the paint for about fifteen to twenty minutes after application.

The application of the product is similar to the liquid waxes on the market. Once the pad has been used a little then you can reduce the amount of product that you apply to the panel work for each subsequent area.


The day was hot and I was expecting a tough battle. I used a 400gsm microfiber to start the buffing off process. The picture here shows where some has been removed and the hazed area to buff area is incredible.

The secret is to frequently turn the cloth to a fresh section. If you don’t then you can feel the cloth being clogged up drag on the paint. On the cloth just above where I am pointing, you can see the light cream colour hazed product on the cloth.

I didn’t have to buff and buff again to try and remove the product. It was very easy to remove with a nice clean area of deep pile cloth.


What can I say apart from wow?

The finish this product gave was better than some cheap waxes I have used. In fact, I thought it would be a shame to put wax over it. If you look real close with a detailing light the tiny super light swirls are still there, but they are masked from sight just a few inches away.

Rating: 8 out 10

Why not full marks? Well, the product can clog the cloth if you use too much on the application. I also found the creme a little thick for what it needs to be for hand application. I suspect that the consistency is more aligned to the machine polish process which this current consistency would be perfect. Perhaps they should produce a hand application version which is not as thick, and this is the machine version. Trying to get a thin even cover takes a little practice, applying too much makes for hard work to even it out.

I estimate that you would get about fifteen cars worth of product. At this price, it’s two thirds the price of some competitors on the market and so much better.

Ease of use – 8. perhaps a little to thick for hand application, but certainly not anything to stop you using it by hand.

Finish – 9. Not perfect coverage to hide everything from sight, but I am very pleased with the results by hand. I suspect that with a machine application this would be top marks for sure.


A new favourite product which will stay in my detailing arsenal. This product is used after the initial decontamination and clay bar work. Certainly not a product that is used as often as wax, but this is a very worthwhile step to make before the application of any top wax. I am won over, this is an extra step I will take from now on.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Especially useful for older paint that has a few light marks on it. 

Would I buy it again? Yes.

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