Chemical Guys – InstaWax+

Cost: £10 – £15

Date of Review: 28 December 2017

The Sales Pitch from Chemical Guys:

Chemical Guys InstaWax is the fastest and easiest way to wax, shine, and protect any vehicle. This is a liquid polymer wax with high-grade carnauba wax as well as reactive silicone sealants. In just 15 minutes you can wax your car and the results can last for up to 5 months. Amazingly for a quick wax spray, you’ll still get outstanding shine and protection with UVA and UVB absorbers that shield your paint from the sun.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a quick spray wax would compromise on something, but this does everything a normal wax would. It gives amazing shine and protection and incredible depth on dark colours. It will remove light scratches and oxidation with the amino functional silicone adding a coating to the paint that will protect it

The formula is quick drying, non streaking and easy to use- apply a thin coat, leave to haze then buff off. You can also use this on glass, chrome and hard rubber for extra lustre.

Chemical Guys Insta Wax has no abrasives or cleaners and can be used in the sun. The hardest part of using this wax is reaching for the bottle in the first place.

  • One step formula that cleans, waxes and polishes.
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • Specially formulated to give shine and protection for months.

What You Get:

16oz spray bottle.

Product Description:

This is designed to be quick and fast was and seal product. A liquid spray that is supposed to be on a par with hard waxes but less work. Now that is some sort of claim but does it live up to the claims?


Very simple, spray on then let it haze over and wipe it off.

Test Conditions:

The car was washed with a snow foam application, rinsed with a jet wash and dried with a Woolley Mammoth towel. The weather was an overcast day with sunny intervals, slight breeze but still a cold day.


When this bottle has been sitting around for a day or so it will separate into a clear brownish liquid on the top and the thick white paste at the bottom. I’m not a chemist so don’t ask me what is what. Before use shake it up and the mixture turns into a weak coffee liquid look.

The trigger spray is the standard Chemical Guys issue. Spraying will give an even spray to the panel, which should be spread even and sparsely with a plush microfiber cloth.

Leave the product to haze and then buff to a shine. I deliberately over wiped the glass to show the difference.

The product can be used on most surfaces such as glass, chrome and hard rubber. The smell is rather nice too.

But, there was a problem. The trigger stopped working after twenty or so squirts. Nothing at all from the trigger which was a huge disappointment. I checked the pipe to make sure no blockage there. This was the first failure of a spray trigger from any of my Chemical Guys products in fact.


A simple buff over with a clean microfiber leaves no streaks and a nice shine. There is no powdered residue left behind on the panels. I left half the panels buffed so you can see the difference.


A clean deep shine is left behind after a minimal amount of effort. You would say that this result had taken a good deal of time to fully wax.

Water beading was good as well after a shower towards the evening when I took these pics.

Rating: 8 out 10 for the product.

It will leave speckled marks on plastic if you get over spray. Hence the 8 score. But again you get that from most waxes.

7 out 10 for the full package.

Now I have a problem here to rate this objectively. The product is held in a container that is applied via a spray trigger. No trigger no product unless you physically tip it onto an application pad to spread it. But why give it a spray?

Once I swapped the trigger over all was fine again and I waxes the car as expected.

The low score had to be given for the overall package. You don’t expect a spray trigger to fail that quickly. If I hadn’t of had a spare the wax would have to have to be poured onto a pad. This I suspect would have applied much to much of the product as it was supposed to be sparingly applied.

Sorry Chemical Guys its only fair.

But the wax itself is brilliant.

Ease of use – Simple and quick to evenly spread over.

Finish – Brilliant results from a car paint job that has been abandoned for a few months!

Longevity of the product remains to be seen, but if it lasts for a month or so instead of the “Up to 5 months” claim then you still have a good product that is easy to apply.


Look past the failed trigger and you really do have a fast way to wax a car with premium results at the end of it.

Great value for money when compared to the more enthusiasts hard wax choices.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but keep the receipt in case you need a new trigger.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

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