Dodo Juice – Nutt Plug Wheel Nut Cleaner

Cost: £10 approx

Date of Review: 29th August 2017

The Sales Pitch:

The Dodo Juice Nutt Plug reaches parts of the wheel other foams, brushes and sponges may struggle with. It fits snugly inside stud holes and smothers wheel nuts and wheel bolts f its sponge head, allowing them to be cleaned quickly and with a greater contact patch than may otherwise be possible. The sponge heads are replaceable and a spare sponge is included with the kit.


What You Get:

The handle with a the sponge attached and a spare sponge head.


Product Description:

A large solid plastic T-bar handle with a slotted top to allow the sponge head to sit back in the recess. A good firm grip for my large hands and will not slip out of your grip when wet. The notch on the handle is for holding on the side of a bucket.

The synthetic sponge head has splines on the outside that will allow the outside part to clean the wheel nut recess. The centre of the sponge is cut to allow the wheel nut to fit inside. You can buy replacement sponges from a number of suppliers.

I have an old wheel nut here for a close up of the fit.



It is interesting to note that the instructions mention do not use dry. I should imagine on a chrome it could well scratch the surface if not lubricated in some way.


Quite simple really, use your cleaner of choice and spray into the cavity of the nuts.

Slip the tool over the nut and twist. In my case for the Magnum 500 this is all about cleaning the nuts and not so much the recess. The photo below is of a more conventional wheel and nut setup.


For my application this is a limited use to the nuts themselves. From the pictures you can see that only the bottom of the wheel itself is cleaned. The nuts were cleaned all round but the wheel wasn’t really.

Rating: 7 out 10

Why only seven? Well it doesn’t clean the my wheels in all the angled corners as the sponge fins were not long enough. The inside of the sponge cleaned the wheel nuts fine though.

However, for a nut and round hole configuration this would be a pretty awesome tool. In those cases I would suspect that would get full marks.


A great sturdy tool for tight places, but for my use its of a limited use.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

Would I buy it again? Not for me.

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