DoDo Juice Red Mist Tropical


£17 approx for 500ml  or £10 for 250ml

Date Of Review:

September 2016


After driving to a car show you may get a little road grime, dust water spots etc on your paint job. Apart from wash and wipe down maybe a wax then there is not a lot you can do. There is a solution for this scenario or to even just top up your gloss between wash and wax.

Quick Detailers are a blended spray with a wipe on / wipe off application. There are many on the market but basically they are pretty much the same principle with some very different results. I have tried a couple of other brands, with very different results. The picture here is off the larger bottle that I keep in the garage.


The Sales Pitch:

“This is the quick detailer that gets everyone going. Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical is like a detailing spray on steroids with synthetic ingredients that took 4 prototypes to perfect. And perfect it they did. Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical is a quick detailer but works like a spray sealant.

If you used Dodo Juice Red Mist, well this is an improvement on that. Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical is milder and dry’s slower than the original version. With Red Mist Tropical you get outstanding shine and durability from your wax layer. Dodo Juice added the Tropical to their new Red Mist creation because it still works well on warmer days unlike its predecessor. Oh and you also get the lovely holiday tropical smell of pineapple and coconuts.

Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical can be used on its own or over a wax layer to boost the wet look and durability”.





Spray on and wipe off. The formula does not dry as quick as it’s predecessor and you can still see where you have spread the mix with a micro fiber towel. This gives you enough time to get another clean micro fiber towel and buff to a shine. I found the application was easy and has that very slightly oil feel when applying. You can feel the formula on your fingers after applying it. It also smells wonderful enough to keep smelling your fingers for a while after use.

It will evaporate in hot climates quicker obviously, but nowhere near as fast as before. I spray in a few places and gently spread it around a bit to cover the area. The swap cloths and gently buff to a shine. I tried to get photo’s of the application but the camera doesn’t pick it up unfortunately. I can say that a little goes a long way.

This formula works well on all surfaces I have tried, paint, chrome, rubber, plastic and the odd bit of magnetic material (the cowl cover).

The trigger spray is a top quality as you expect from DoDo Juice and does not leak all over your hands. The nozzle is a twist adjustable design to apply the mist how you want it. The pick up pipe is long enough to be able to pick up the very last drops in the bottom of the bottle.


The buffed shine is so easy to achieve on top of a nicely waxed paint job. I have also used it to remove some minor dust and bird mess soaking the area before wiping it away. The shine that is left is amazing and deep look wet paint look I am after, notice the reflection on the concrete floor next to the car.. There are no smears or streaks on any of the surfaces it’s applied too. If you have to reapply the mixture there is no residual effect it just wipes on and wipes off. The whole car can be done in a few minutes with the just waxed look.


I love this stuff at car shows, it’s quick and I can use it on any surface. The shine lasts for a long time. I just top it up when I get to the car shows. The rain fall on the car just beads up and runs off like a water fall. Very impressive beading and shine.


Close up of the beading where the car got wet at a couple of different car shows:



I also sprayed the cowl cover for the car which I use to prevent unnecessary water ingress when it can be so easily be stopped.


Once the rain has stopped the drying towel just glides over the surface and picks up the moisture, often just pushing the water out of the way, the water just runs from the more vertical angles like a waterfall.

The sales pitch suggests this is a sealer as much as it is a quick detailer. That can’t be bad to seal your paint too.

However! When I used Meguiars Ultimate Wax which is my personal favourite at the moment the DoDo Red Mist will leave a light mark on the surface like a badly buffed wax. To remove the marks you have to go over the car again. Although not so much a pain if it’s quick, but annoying to say the least.

Once you have used it a couple of times the marks don’t appear again, then it’s a simple task next time around to apply and wipe off, without the marks.

Score: 9 out 10

I tried so hard to think of something to reduce the mark by, and couldn’t find anything, untill I got to use this product on the Ultimate Wax. Perhaps it’s synthetic it didn’t like? That’s the reason I knocked a mark off for the minor incompatbility with the Megs Ultimate Wax.


Fantastic. I like this stuff and works great. Once it’s settled.

The product so far has been applied to my car four times all over and I have used around 150ml. That offers an exceptional value for money especially if you buy the larger size. No this was not supplied to me,  yes I bought this with my own hard earned money.

Would I buy it again? Yes – I will always have this in my cleaning kit.

Would I recommend it? Yes – without a doubt.

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