EZ Car Care – Wheel Armour

Cost: £10 – £15 (shop around)

Date of Review: 10th August 2017

The Sales Pitch from EZ Car Care:

Wheel Sealants from EZ Car Care were developed to give phenomenal protection with the ease of application. Wheel Armour our alloy wheel sealant creates a barrier from brake dust, road film, tar, dirt, grime & has a sublime hydrophobic affect which protects from water. The sealant is also heat-resistant and will make cleaning wheels a dream, no more baked on brake dust!

Source: https://www.ezcarcare.co.uk/collections/wheel-sealants

What You Get:

500ml in a plastic bottle.

Product Description:

First of all this is a wheel sealant and not a cleaner. This is not a new concept by any means, I used to use Autoglym alloy wheel seal in a spray can, it worked OK but didn’t stop all the brake dust sticking. I suspect formula technology has moved on quite a lot since then.

What I am after is the protection of the chrome once it has been cleaned. I have Auto Finesse for a protection wax and DoDo Juice super natural for the initial gentle cleaner. This product I want to use to protect the chrome from the elements.

The thing I noticed about this was the trigger, it has a variable twist nozzle, it will go from a jet to a fine mist. Great when you need a stronger spray in breezy weather. Well done EZ Car Care.


How to use: (from EZ Car Care website)

1. Clean & dry wheels thoroughly

2. Spray wheel armour onto wheels and rub in with a microfiber cloth

3. Buff off with a clean cloth for a perfect streak free finish.

Wheel Armour can be layered for added protection


This is a dead simple process, it looks like water droplets once sprayed on. This does not smell like the bouquet of flowers like the normal now days, it had a hint of some petroleum chemical like component, but only faint. You only need a small amount of this product, spray on too much and you end up just spreading it about. The microfiber cloth just needs to spread it about. I have found a technique for tight places like the joins of the wheel. I use a 1″ foam brush, this soaks up the product and allows you to spread it into the gaps. Once you have applied it to the first wheel the next wheel needs even less as there is residue already on the cloth. Little and often is the plan.

However, as these chrome wheels have a join and they are notorious for rusting in the gap if not looked after, I put the nozzle on jet and squirted it around the whole rim into that gap. Then used the sponge brush to make sure it gets right into the gap where hand applied waxes just can’t reach.

I also sprayed the wheel nuts, centre caps and the black paint on the wheels.


Simple, once it’s spread about, just use a another microfiber and buff to shine.


Well the results are invisible. There are no streaks what so ever from the product. I have seen some water misted on the wheels and it just runs straight off. I’m not sure how long the seal lasts, but with such ease of application I don’t mind doing it after each wheel clean.

How much did I use for a double layer on the wheels?

Hardly any was the answer maybe 5mm from the bottle.

Then I had an idea. The wheels are not the only chrome on the car. So I decided to spray some on the bumpers.

I wiped on and wiped off. The thought is now that I will seal all the chrome on the car. The shine?

Like a mirror!

Rating: 7 out 10

Why only the 9 score? Well, I don’t know how long it will last or if it works so far. I will keep a close eye on this and update after a while to see if it lives up to what it says. I will use this on my Toyota’s alloys as that will get the more heavy use for a proper test.

Ease of use –

Very easy, if you can spread water then you can use this product.

Finish –

Excellent and invisible.


Used with a proper cleaner and couple of coatings of this sealer should give you a top level of protection. I have had verbal reports that this is an amazing product. Everything I have been told so far, like how easy it was to use and the results, I have no reason to dispute those claims.

I will revisit this review with an update soon.

Update: October 2017

The wheel armour helped a little but still brake dust stuck to the wheels and needed a little bit of agitation to get the worst off. For that reason I have docked a couple of marks down to a 7 instead of the 9 it previously had.

Perhaps I need to use it more often to keep the wheels cleaner. But i test in the real world not ideal world.

Would I recommend it? Yes, based on what I have seen so far.

Would I buy it again? Yes, it’s cheap enough to re-apply and top up. 

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