Fresh Motor Company – Gentleman’s Scent

Cost:  $4.99

Date of Review: 29/5/2021

The Sales Pitch from Fresh Motor Company

Our most popular scent for a good reason, the Gentleman’s Scent is an aroma that makes a true gent stand out from all the rest. Enjoy hints of fresh spices, lavender with base notes of sandalwood and musk.

The company is based in New Zealand.

Source:  LADY LUCK – Fresh Motor Company

What You Get:

A single scented printed card in cellophane packaging.

Product Description:

This is available only in Gentleman’s scent. The same scent can be selected from a number of designs which is a nice touch.


Remove from packaging and hang up anywhere you want the scent.


I really love this design, and the fact I always get asked if my car is for sale at car shows should give them the answer. Even when the scent goes – I will still hang this from the rear view mirror.

The scent- OMG, this reminds me of my grandfather, proper old school barbers. When I opened it I was transported back fifty years to his distinctive aroma. I was stunned to just standing there reminiscing about a perfect gentleman that he was. He never went anywhere without his slicked back hair and took me to his personal barber as you did in the late 60′ and 70’s. The smell of ‘Brycreem’ product hits you and was used to slick back hair and for a styling gel. There is a hint of Sandlewood and a little fresh lavender. This really is old school nostalgic scent. I love it.

You can imagine the 1920’s Gangsters smelling just like this with their dapper suits, hats and shoes.

Rating:  8 out 10

Why only a 8 if it smells so good?

This scent lasted just about 3 weeks. After that you have to physically go up to it and smell it for the scent. Does the scent fit in or work with a classic car? Oh yes.

This type of scent sets this product apart from the mainstream offerings like, bubble gum, strawberry, fresh grass or my favourite ‘Leather’ scents.

The unique design that you want to hang in your prized possession car. I gave it extra marks just for the design.


A truly wonderful scent, I loved it. BUT, the cost of $4.99 each is a quite a lot of money for something to fade after a few weeks to almost nothing. The scent is much stronger than Ocean Breeze I purchased at the same time. Perhaps being a stronger smell is why you could just about smell it after a few weeks.

The competition is fierce for the auto car scent market with many big players in the game. Little Trees has many more scents and only cost £1 each on average and last at least twice as long.

Either the cost needs to come down to compete or the scent needs to last a lot longer.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but only at a reduced cost.

Would I buy it again? Yes, the cost puts me off to be honest, but perhaps I will get a bulk purchase.

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