Gas Pedal Refurbishment

Gas Pedal Refurbishment

65-66 Brake Assembly

The pedal is a funny looking design which basically has three legs and a fitting to the firewall. The top of the gas pedal is a rod that is attached to a bar which attached to the side of the carb.

Undo the connection to the top of the gas pedal and the return spring and keep the parts safe. The bottom leg of the gas pedal is for the auto gearbox kick down function; This is either connected by a cable or a rod depending on model etc. In my case I have a cable which is connected to the gearbox selector.  Disconnect the cable from the gearbox.

The bracket to the firewall is held in by three bolts and is easy to remove. Although could be a bit tight with the engine in place, with the bolts undone you can turn the pedal over to remove the pedal screw that holds the pedal flat in place. Remove the bottom of the pedal. The pedal fitting can then be manoeuvred out of the rubber grommet from the fire wall. The bottom of the pedal linkage is the cable and the clip for the adjustment of the kick down. Push the cable down and the clip will release the cable and the cable can be disconnected from the arm.

Degrease the cable and the bracket areas of the pedal. As there was no heavy rust on the pedal anywhere, I treated the slightly rusted surface areas of the arms with Granville Rust Cure all over and allowed it to dry. Once it had dried I then applied a good coat of Eastwoods Under Hood Satin Black.


to be continued

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